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VIP Stakes Casino closing my account with 21000 NOK

asop Norway
posted on August 4, 2015.

Won some money this weekend ... when I check my e-mail today in the morning I see that the first 3 withdrawals are conducted in 1000 - nok each to Neteller ..., But the other withdrawals with total 16000, - nok has not been done ... trying to login to the site and get auto-told that my account has been blocked .. and that I should contact support .. (got no mail about it) no live chat, no phone I can call ... and they havent answered my mail for the hole day ? .. then im I stucked with 16000, - nok for withdrawal and 5000 - nok for play account ..? Also submitted verification documents on Saturday and received no response to it
I Expect at least a mail saying why they block my account.. and what will happens with my money ???
I really want to know why Vip Stakes Casino has closed my account ?

asop Norway
posted on August 7, 2015.


I have sent them some more mail, asking about my mails and also informed them that i have sent my case to their License keeper.-- of corse With no reply from Casino, as it seems like their plan is to just silence this Down and just steal my money

I have played around on internet Casinos for many years and have had some cases With Casinos but never like this, and should i have broken som smal rule i never have heard of i have always acepted that as long as it is "for real"

In this case i am sure, after checking their rules again... .. that i have broke none rule that should make their just Close my account With out warning.. and dont even give me 1 reply With some sorts of explonation

This winnings also came from a deposit that i dident get any bonus from, so it cant be anything With that.

asop Norway
posted on August 8, 2015.

Today around 0200 am I got logged into my account!?! Has still not received a reply to my emails. The money was still in the account with Nok 5000, - to play and Nok 16,000, - for payment in 4 whitdrawels
I got then at least taken a screenshot of this, so I hope this means that money is being paid on Monday

asop Norway
posted on August 9, 2015.

Hi again.

I could post questions from this site when i was logged in, so around 11
30 i asked why my account had been blocked and why my whitdrawels wasent made, dident expect anyresponse so after some houers i made some sports bet for around 2000,- thinking maybe my account had been blocked case og Security check or mistake, and was opened again becase nothing was wrong.
So just after maiking my bet i got this Nice reply on my request :

"Alex Carlov - Dear xxx, your account has been unblocked, so you could contact us. We have sent you around 10 e-mails, but seems, that you have blocked our e-mail address and it is counted as spam. Your account has been closed according to paragraph 13.6 of VIP Stakes Terms and Condition. This means, that Terms of Use have been terminated and you are not allowed to play in our casino anymore. None of your withdrawals requests will be affected by that and will be processed as usual. There is only 1 withdrawal available per week, if you would like to make this process faster, you could cancel all your current withdrawals and merge it in one. You can do that, when you are just logged in on our website and at the bottom end you will see Withdrawals tab in blue status bar."

This rule that they mention as reason for kicking me out basickley say that they kan kick me out if they want to, but that it shouldent affect my whitdrawels.

My bets for nok 2000,- lost by the way, so i now canceld al my whitdrawels, and made one single one for nok 19000,- as i was told i could

When it comes to the mails they clame to have sent, i have recived none, and ihave of course checked my spam filters daily, but i recive their mails about bonuses and auto-mails about whitdrawels.... but it can of corse be many reasons for that.

If they now pay my Money monday/tuesday everything will have been done by their rules, and this will be solwed according to their rules

asop Norway
posted on August 12, 2015.

Asked on when i could get my Money monday morning, was insured that i will get them duringthis week. so ihope they stand up and do as they promissed

asop Norway
posted on August 13, 2015.


Vip stakes Casino has transfered my Money yesterday.
I was exclused from their site after rule 13.6 that says that they can end my account With out giving me a reason. Its a strange rule but almost all Casinos have it and i have accepted that when signing up. if they have sent me mail or not i will never now, i havent recived them... but they opend my account again so i could text them questions from the site and they anserwes them good and followed up what they wrote in action, so it seems like an ok Casino to play With. After the pay out my site are closed again but i will still say thank you to vip stakes for beeing fair With this handling.

Also a big ty for askgamblers for having a site like this, and giving players the possibility to Write about problems.

Case solved to my satisfaction and after vip stakes rules, and im happy :-)

posted on August 13, 2015.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.