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Certified Casinos - Safest Online Casinos

AskGamblers Certificate of Trust singles out the best quality and most secure online casinos in the industry. Moreover, it proves that the site in question is a safe online casino, transparent, customer oriented and willing to solve any issues as quickly as possible. Here is the complete list of the most trusted online casinos certified by AskGamblers.

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Our content contains affiliate links and we may make a commission on operator registrations and deposits made through these links. We only recommend licensed operators and we would not endorse any brand that is not verified by our experts. Get the truth, then play.

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Every now and again you’ll come across an online casino that is a cut above the rest, which is why we introduced the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust. This allows us to single out the best of the best and make them a Certified Casino, exclusive to AskGamblers. So, if you’re looking for the most trusted online casinos, look no further than this page; we’ve already found them and put them all together right here to make it easier for you to find them.

What you’ll find on this page are the trusted online casinos which have passed all of our stringent requirements. When you play at any of the listed trusted casinos, you will know you are in safe hands. In an industry as lucrative as online gambling, there’s always going to be rogue casinos, which is why we love to find and recognize trusted casinos online and allow you to play safely.

When we do find a trusted casino, we award their excellence with our exclusive AskGamblers Certificate of Trust. This act then makes them a Certified Casino and they’re added to this page for you to clearly recognize. As this page will show only our Certified Casinos, if a casino doesn’t have our certification, you’ll find them in our normal list of online casinos instead.

Can Casinos Be Trusted?

Certificate of Trust as the Best Indicator of Safe Online Casinos

Online casino goers are always on the lookout for safe online casino sites and with our trustworthy badge, they have one thing less to worry about. AskGamblers Certificate of Trust is a reliable indicator of trustworthiness of online casinos as it takes into account multiple, player-centric aspects of gambling sites to determine their honesty.

As a result, we guarantee that the sites with our Certificate of Trust are among the safest online casinos you can find.

What Is the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust?

For years, players have been asking: "Can online casinos be trusted?" Our AskGamblers Certificate of Trust is the answer to all your questions and doubts. We look for trusted online casino sites and when we find one, we certify them so you know they’re trusted.

What exactly does this certification entail? The AskGamblers Certificate of Trust singles out the most trusted casinos based on their quality of service and security. Any time you see a casino sporting this badge, you can rest assured that each carefully chosen best safe online casino is honest and fully committed to its customers.

More precisely, a trusted online casino should be able to tick all of the following boxes and, if they don’t, they won’t be considered for our certification. All the ones you see on this page have met our requirements, which include having:

  • Minimum CasinoRank score of 8.00
  • Excellent AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service history
  • Fast payouts
  • Real responsible gambling commitment
  • Transparent funding/AML regulations and policies
  • Fair, secure and honest operations
  • Full regulation by a reputable licensing authority
  • Minimum six-month presence on AskGamblers without any major issues and reputation cross-check over online sources of information

We believe a trusted casino online should have these requirements and, if they can maintain this level of excellence, they deserve to be recognized. Therefore, if you have been looking for the most trusted online casino, just have a browse of our list and take your pick.

However, always remember that just because a casino is trusted and certified it doesn't mean there is a higher chance of winning. Games you play at a casino are still games of luck and chance; your only guarantee is that the casino is a reputable gaming site, not a guarantee of winning jackpots.

What Our Certificate of Trust Means For You

Naturally, we are not saying these are the only trusted online casinos on the market. However, the listed trusted casinos are just those ones that regularly maintain our extremely high standards.

When you see our AskGamblers Certificate of Trust badge next to an online casino, it should give you complete peace of mind that you’ll be placing your money in a safe online casino real money. Above all, you’ll be able to play with confidence, as our certification is proof of trustworthiness.

When you play at one of the casinos on this list, we hope you never have a problem there. Still, if you ever do, you’ll have a special complaints page through AskGamblers and casinos with our certification will be keen to get your issue resolved in an acceptable manner and time frame. All the casinos listed here are expected to put their customers first and handle complaints to the highest of standards.

Regular Check-Ups of the Most Trusted Casinos Online

When it comes to trusted online gambling casinos, it is important to note we don’t simply give a casino our certification and then never check them again. On the contrary, we regularly review all of our Certified Casinos to make sure you are always seeing the correct information about them. Certified Casinos have to maintain their high standards and, if there are any casinos wishing to become certified, they have to be present at AskGamblers for at least 6 months before we can even consider them.

This means we get to keep a close eye on any casinos for a timeframe that we think is acceptable for a casino to prove they are trusted. The reason for this is because we want you to have the best possible experience. Therefore, we will always make sure we check our certified casinos regularly.

If any of our most trusted online casinos fails to fails to meet any of the requirements we’ve mentioned above, we will give them a maximum of 60 days to address the issue. If the requirements have not been met within this timeframe, we will suspend their Certificate of Trust. We will also notify the casino before any action is taken and the removal of their Certificate of Trust badge will be visible on their review page.

What If a Casino Isn’t Trusted?

If a casino you’ve had your eye on isn’t on this list, it doesn’t automatically mean it isn’t safe to play at. It just means they probably haven’t met all of our strict requirements to get the certification or maybe they just haven’t caught our attention yet. We regularly update our casinos, so feel free to track this page for more certifications. To avoid rogue casinos, you should always make sure you check our player reviews before playing anywhere.

Still, if you do have a misfortune to run into an untrustworthy online casino, be aware that playing at such gaming sites can put your personal and financial data at risk. Most online casinos today use some form of encryption technology to protect your personal information. However, if the casino you are playing at is not trustworthy, this encryption might not be as secure as you would expect it to be.

How Safe Are Online Casinos in General?

Generally speaking, casino sites are safe to deposit money and play at. However, even the safest online casinos can fall out of grace and lose their credibility, which is why we regularly inspect each of them to discern if they still deserve to carry our badge of trust.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the gambling venues that don't have a Certificate of Trust aren't safe. Whichever online casino you pick from our database you will enjoy a safe gambling expeirence, but the casinos sporting our certificate of trust have an additional layer of legitimacy and credibility for your peace of mind.

Regulators for Monitoring Online Casino Safety

Of course, there are higher instances than AskGamblers that monitor the safety of online gambling venues. National regulators are certainly the most relevant when it comes to ensuring safe play at online casino sites and their licences can carry a lot of weight in terms of the security and safety of online casinos.

Some gambling regulators are more stringent than others, but they are all pretty strict and relentless when it comes to fighting dishonest practices. Some of the most trusted and most sought-after licence issuers are the following:

  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • National Gaming Board (Sweden)

Which Certified Casinos Should You Play at?

You can pick a most trusted online casino that best suits your needs or you can work your way through them all. Just remember that each casino, whether it is a certifiably trusted casino or not, will have their own set of restricted countries and territories. You’ll find these on our review pages and they’ll be in the casino’s own set of Terms and Conditions too. 

You’ll be able to categorise our Certified Casinos by their Rank and Date and the number of Player Reviews they have.

Moreover, if you’re still unsure whether to try one of the most trusted online casinos, our player reviews would be a good place to start. Reading them will give you honest reviews from real players with real-life experiences at the casino. 

So, go ahead take a look and pick your first trusted online casino today.


What is the "AskGamblers Certificate of Trust"?

The AskGamblers Certificate of Trust is the ultimate way to single out and reward the listed online casinos on our website that meet the highest standards in the gambling industry.

What do you mean by a Certified Casino?

A Certified Casino is an online casino granted the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust. To be accepted into the family of Certified Casinos, an online casino must successfully pass our rigorous vetting process and provide proof of a safe and secure environment.

Where can I find the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust badge?

Apart from the corresponding casino review page on our website, the AskGamblers Certificate of Trust Seal is usually placed on the casino's website footer, which guarantees that it has been carefully vetted and successfully met the certification criteria.

How to attest if the Certificate of Trust badge is genuine?

A genuine Certificate of Trust badge must be linked to the respective AskGamblers review page of the online casino.

What is the connection between AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and Certificate of Trust?

The connection is strong! Any Certified Casino must create a Complaints Page on its website linked directly to the AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service. That is to ensure players have transparent and easy-to-find access to our complaint service in case something goes wrong.

Can an online casino buy a Certificate of Trust?

No, AskGamblers does not sell the Certificate of Trust. Instead, we grant the badge exclusively to deserving online casinos that have successfully met our rigorous certification criteria.

What are the certification criteria?

To meet the certification criteria, an online casino must, among other things: boast a minimum CasinoRank score of 8.00, hold an excellent AGCCS history and impeccable reputation, guarantee fast and hassle-free cashouts, demonstrate a real responsible gambling commitment, and so much more.

How come only less than 50 online casinos have earned the Certificate of Trust so far?

When we certify an online casino, we make sure that the casino has successfully passed our rigorous vetting process. And we are serious about it! Out of hundreds of Certificate of Trust applications we have received and reviewed, we approved less than 10% of them.

Can a Certificate of Trust expire?

No, the Certificate of Trust cannot expire. However, a casino holding the Certificate of Trust can lose it if it falls behind any certification criteria.

How often do you check if the already certified casinos still meet all criteria?

Rest assured, the AskGamblers team of experts check all certified casinos regularly. To put it into perspective, we review all certified casinos every three months, if not more often.

Can a casino lose the Certificate of Trust?

Yes, it can. If our regular checkups reveal that a casino is no longer compliant or if we receive a valid player's report on the matter, the casino is given two weeks to fix the issue. Failure to resolve outstanding issues within the deadline results in immediate removal of the badge and barring from reapplying for two years.

Why isn't a single newly opened casino among certified casinos?

A newly opened casino needs time to unleash its potential. That is why we require a minimum of six-month presence on AskGamblers for any new casino before they can apply for our Certificate of Trust. Allowing a trial period ensures that a casino's operations are genuine.

Is it possible to report a Certificate of Trust misuse?

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to do so as soon as you notice one. If you become aware of the potential abuse of the Certificate of Trust badge, please report it to us via our Complaints page without hesitation.

Why should I rely on the Certificate of Trust?

You should rely on the Certificate of Trust because we do not compromise during the rigorous, highly demanding, and detailed certification process. Any time a casino is granted a Certificate of Trust, you can rest assured that its operations are honest and that it holds player safety to the highest priority.