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Sports Betting Features

Do you have sports betting features that you particularly appreciate in a sports betting site? Depending on the betting style and preferences, players pick their sportsbooks by the features they offer, as they are sometimes as equally important as competitive odds and good bonuses and promotions.We have compiled lists of sports betting sites based on the features they offer, so if you select your sportsbooks by features, we suggest that you take a look at the lists below.

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Most Popular Online Betting Features

Features are often what makes a sports betting website stand out from the competition. Some of these features have changed the online sports betting world and made it more entertaining and appealing than before. For example, if we count sports betting bonuses as a feature, they have definitely made online sports betting sites more attractive to bettors.

Since we consider competitive odds and sports betting promotions to be must-have betting features online sportsbooks need to offer, let’s have a look at other most popular sports betting features that help them stand out from the crowd. These are the features we believe the best sports betting sites need to offer to their customers:

In-Play Betting

In-play betting is an attractive feature because it allows bettors to place their bets on an ongoing event. Since betting in-play means that you make your bets while the event progresses, live odds fluctuate depending on the developments during the event, giving you an opportunity to snatch some pretty lucrative odds on in-play betting sites.

In-play betting allows you to predict the events during the game or to predict the winner based on what happens in the match. When it comes to in-play betting, you must act quickly if you want to grab good odds, which is why it’s important to have a stable internet connection and follow all the action live.

Live Streaming

That leads us to another significant sports betting feature, which is the option of streaming an event live on betting sites. This comes in very handy when you wish to place live bets and need a place to follow the action in real-time. It is also perfect for bettors who enjoy betting on smaller or not-so-popular events that cost less to get a licence for and are potentially not streamed on TV.

Live streaming might not be a crucial feature for most online bettors, but it can certainly come in handy if you enjoy watching the events you bet on, either to see how they unfold or to correct your bet through live betting.

Cash Out

To cash out a bet means to settle it before the end of the event you have placed your wager on previously. So, if you have a hunch that your bet is not going the way you thought it would, you can request a cash out if a bookie allows it. That means that you would get a part of your potential winnings, depending on the current value of your bet.

You won’t always be allowed to cash out, and it depends on the type of event you bet on and how things unfold for your initial wager.

Bet Builder

When a sportsbook allows you to use the bet builder feature, it means that you can build your own acca (accumulator bet), including different markets on a single match or event. A regular accumulator bet doesn’t allow you to include multiple markets from one event, and that’s the main difference between these two.

The total odds for your bet builder acca are calculated the same way as for a regular accumulator bet, and you’ll know the final odds once you have completed your customised bet.

Choose betting site by feature

The Best Betting Features for Different Sports

These most popular sports betting features aren’t specific to particular sports, as most of them can be used when betting on any sport. In-play betting is widely used when betting on football, for example, on which team will score the next goal or who will end up winning the match, but it’s very difficult to bet in-play on a sprint race in athletics or horse racing, for example.

The live streaming feature depends on the sportsbook and who they have a contract with, but it is a feature that is useful for every sport. The more live streams a betting site offers, the better. A slight drawback with live streaming is that there could be a delay because of technical difficulties or weather conditions, for example, and that could cause bettors to miss important bits of live action and information.

When it comes to cashing out, the main thing is that it has to happen before the event is finished and until the time point that the sportsbook sets. They make it clear if you can cash out on a bet or not and the terms of the cashout.


What are the benefits of choosing betting sites by features?

When you choose your next betting site by the features you like, it ensures that you will be able to fully enjoy your betting experience without having to worry about whether the sportsbook will offer everything you need in a betting site.

What is the most popular online betting feature?

As stated above, there are a few popular betting features that players enjoy, with the most popular probably being the in-play betting feature that many bettors enjoy.

Are all features applicable to all kinds of sports?

Betting features are typically applicable to any sport you enjoy betting on unless there are certain limitations that the sportsbook sets. For example, it’s not always possible to cash out or place an in-play bet, especially if the event is ending.