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Searching for Online Sports Betting Offers

Whether you are looking for a new sports betting destination or you simply want to claim new promotional offers, there’s no need to wander around the Internet and search everywhere. We did all that for you and gathered betting offers you can choose from, so you are bound to find the best betting sites that suit your preferences among the sportsbooks listed on this page.

This sports betting sites list contains a bunch of great offers you are welcome to claim when you sign up. A welcome bonus is one of the most common sportsbook bonuses, but some offer different daily, weekly or monthly bonuses and promotions as well, so make sure to check those, as you can find some lucrative deals there.

Our experts have tested and thoroughly analysed these offers, ensuring that the page only lists the absolute best betting websites for our players. Feel free to check and compare these offers to ensure you pick those that will provide you with all the excitement you look for in a sports betting site.

Online Sports Betting Advantages

While there are people who still prefer to make their sports bets offline at a land-based establishment, many players have adapted to the new developments and embraced the switch to the online world.

Betting sites for sports have really shifted things around, making many things more convenient and bringing certain perks to players. Here are some of the advantages that online sports betting sites bring to bettors:

  • Welcome bonus offers: players can claim welcome bonuses when they set up their accounts, which is something they can’t do in land-based sportsbooks
  • Other bonuses and promotions (cashback, boost win bonuses, etc.)
  • Easier bet placing without waiting in lines or risking a mistake
  • Win payouts are faster and more convenient as they land in your online account
  • Easier winning withdrawals
  • You can bet on the go, wherever you are, with easy access to your account and all available odds, including live in-play betting.
  • Easily track the status of your bets

How to Bet on Sports?

Once you decide to switch to online sports betting, the whole process is quite straightforward and typically user-friendly, but that depends on the sportsbook and how intuitive their website and app are. Here are the steps to follow when betting on online sports betting sites:

  • Check the available offers and pick a bookie that suits your betting preferences
  • Sign up with the sportsbook, create an account and claim the welcome bonus
  • Pick the sport you want to bet on (browse through the leagues, games, players, whatever you wish to place your bets on)
  • Check the odds and click those you choose
  • Check if you have added everything you wanted
  • Enter the amount you wish to bet
  • Wait for results

You can always follow your pre-game bets in live time and place some in-play bets while the game is ongoing if you wish. Online sports betting has made live betting so much easier and more accessible, so you shouldn’t miss any significant action.

Sport Betting Sites on AskGamblers

Sports Betting Types

There are quite a few types of betting available, and the one or more you choose is completely up to you and your betting style. They all promise some level of thrills and excitement so you can choose your bets depending on the sport, game, event, or your betting preferences.

These are the common betting types:

Straight Bet

A straight bet, also referred to as a single bet, is a bet on the outcome of a single game or event. For example, you can predict the winner of a single football match or if the game will end in a draw, or you can predict the winner of the NBA finals or a Formula 1 race.

When you place a straight bet, you can choose the type of bet, and it is typically a moneyline or point spread bet. Moneyline bets are common in many sports, so they’re some of the most popular choices when it comes to single bets.  

System Bet

A system bet is a mixture of several bets where players don’t have to get all the bets right to win at least a part of the bet. Systems are formed by combining at least two individual bets within the entire wager. For example, if you place a system bet on three events, the systems will be formed for every combination of two tips, creating three new, accumulated tips.

If a player gets one tip wrong, the other two will still pay out, just at a reduced rate (without the odds of the third, missed game). Some of the most common system bets are 2 out of 3, 2 out of 4, 3 out of 4 and 3 out of 5. There are other system bets, like a system bet with banks, when the player picks one tip as a safe win, and it gets included in all systems.

Parlay Bet/Accumulator Bet

A parlay bet is popular among players because it allows them to combine different betting types for a larger accumulator bet and, consequently, a potentially larger payout. A parlay bet is also known as an accumulator bet, but the odds must come from different games or events.

So, how does a parlay bet work? You pick all the games and events you wish to bet on and add all your tips. All the odds accumulate to one larger bet, and you need to get all the legs of your parlay bet right to win. You can combine different types of bets in your parlay bet, but they usually have to be from different games or events.


When placing a moneyline bet, you need to bet on the outcome of a match, race, game, or whatever sporting event you choose. It’s that straightforward, but football is a bit different than other sports because there is a possibility of a draw, so you have one more option to choose from.

A moneyline bet can be a single or straight bet, or you can join more odds into a parlay bet. Of course, the prerequisite to win is to get all your tips right.

Spread Betting

If you decide to place a spread bet, you are betting on a team and the point margin at the same time. How’s that? Well, when bookies define a point spread bet for a certain game, they determine the number of points the result will be separated by whichever team wins.

Spread bet allows you to bet on the favoured team to win by the defined margin, or the underdog to either win or lose within the margin. What this means is that if the point spread in a basketball match is -6.5/+6.5, the favourites need to win by at least a 7-point margin, and the underdogs would need to lose or win by less than 6 points for your bet to cash.


Betting on totals means that you bet on the total number of points/goals scored or games played during a sporting event. The sportsbook decides on the total number of points to be scored in a match, and you can choose whether you want to place a bet on more or less points scored for that game.

This type of bet is also called an over/under bet, which is a kind of descriptive name for it, as you bet that the final score will be under or over the set number. This type of betting is also popular for tennis, where you can bet on the number of games the players will play during the match.

Teasers and Pleasers

Teasers and pleasers fall into the same category because both of them mean that the point spread is moved in a certain direction. If you choose to move the point spread by a fixed number of points in your favour in exchange for lower odds, that bet is called a teaser.

Should you choose to move the point spread in the sportsbook’s favour, the odds will be better. You might have lower chances of winning with a pleaser bet, but if you win, the payouts will be higher.

Payment Methods at Sports Betting Sites

The benefit of online betting is that you don’t have to go to the land-based sportsbook and put cash into your account or place your bets in cash right there. All licenced and established online sports betting sites offer a variety of payment options for their players’ convenience.

You might encounter minimum deposit requirements with some sportsbooks, and they can vary significantly, just like with online casinos. Check out the deposit and withdrawal methods the sports betting sites offer before signing up to ensure your preferred payment method is available so there won’t be any surprises there.

If you prefer to make your deposits with bank debit cards, you will be pleased to know that the best casino and betting sites accept Visa and Mastercard as a common deposit method. You can also use the Paysafecard prepaid card if you don’t want the sportsbook to have your bank card information.

Another popular payment solution is an e-wallet. If your method of choice is, for example: 

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay 
  • Google Pay
  • Skrill or 
  • Neteller

you shouldn’t have to worry about finding an online betting site where you can place your wagers. Of course, for a sportsbook to be considered the best betting site, it should offer payments through all of these e-wallets and more.

If you come across a sportsbook that allows that, you might be able to place your bets in cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Make sure to check the betting site’s legitimacy before signing up with them and placing your bets, just as you need to do with every other sportsbook.

Sports to Bet On

Sports betting offerings are rather vast, not just when it comes to the number of sports you can bet on but also when we talk about the variety within a certain sport. For example, if you wish to bet on football (or soccer as they call it in the US), you have plenty of national leagues and other competitions to choose from. Some of the most popular options are the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Champions League, MLS, and others.

If your sport of choice is basketball, the sportsbooks’ offers are also diverse, starting from the most popular basketball league, the NBA. If you prefer to focus on European basketball, there is always the Euroleague, the Champions League, the Eurocup, and, of course, national championships, like the ACB League in Spain.

Some people enjoy betting on tennis games, especially when there are major tournaments, like the Grand Slams. Another popular option is cricket and its formats, like Twenty20 or Test cricket. Major cricket tournaments are extremely popular in certain countries, including the UK, providing many betting opportunities to cricket enthusiasts.

When we talk about sports betting, we can’t neglect to mention horse racing, American football (especially the NFL), rugby, baseball, moto sports, and, of course, esports. All these sports have their fans and the players who enjoy betting on them. And there are many more, so rest assured you can always find something that best suits you.

If you are looking for the most profitable sport to bet on, there is no definitive answer about what sport that would be. That depends on your betting preferences and the knowledge you have about certain sports, players and odds. What is the most profitable sport for one bettor could be the least profitable for another if they have different preferences and sports knowledge.

Online Sports Betting Sites

How to Choose The Best Site for Sports Betting

Whether we talk about sports betting online sites or land-based establishments, making the decision to choose one sportsbook over another is not an easy task. Players who prefer traditional sports betting usually have their favourite places, but the online world is something rather different.

You need to look into a few important factors, especially now when there are so many sports betting sites online, when choosing the right destination for yourself. Here are some things to consider:

  • The legitimacy of the website: Check other players’ reviews online and look for licencing information
  • Welcome offers, bonuses and promotions: Most betting sites provide welcome offers to their new players, so make sure to find the one that suits your betting needs
  • Sports and markets offering: Before you sign up, ensure that the sportsbook offers your preferred sports and the markets you enjoy betting on
  • Variety of payment options: Ensure that the sportsbook accepts your preferred payment method
  • Odds: Compare the odds that the site offers with other bookies
  • In-play betting and other popular features: Check if they allow in-play betting, Bet Builder, live streaming opportunities, or other betting features you enjoy
  • The quality of their mobile app: Check the app’s ratings and reviews

If other criteria are significant to you when assessing sports betting sites, like good customer support and fast payouts, you can find that info in other players’ reviews, so make sure to check them.

How We Rate Betting Sites 

Our expert team looks into all these criteria from above and much more when rating a betting site on the AskGamblers website. We first make sure that all listed online betting sites are licenced and legitimate and that they have a reputation of trustworthiness among experts and players alike. These are some of the things that we will look into next:

  • Welcome bonuses and promo offers
  • Selection of available sports and markets 
  • The value of odds provided
  • Mobile optimisation and app user experience
  • Available payment methods and payout times
  • Customer support service (including live chat)
  • Responsible gambling commitment
  • Betting features (live betting, Bet Builder, cash out)
  • Players’ reviews

Each online betting site receives an unbiased rating from our experts, alongside a written review that points out the most important facts about it. We suggest that you read our our expert reviews first before choosing your next online sports betting destination.