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Complaint Guidelines

Be honest and frank with us! Avoiding the truth or hiding part of the facts is not going to help you in getting your problem resolved.

  • If the online casino, against which you intend to post a complaint, is not listed at our website, then we're sorry, we can't help you. We’ve tried in the past to deal with complaints against operators we have not reviewed and presented yet, but it didn’t work.
  • Having an issue concerning sports betting, poker or bingo? We're sorry, we cannot help you. We are dealing only with casino related complaints.
  • Be descriptive and detailed when explaining your problem. The more we know about it, the more we can help. However, writing a novel is definitely not a good idea, nor submitting a complaint containing just a sentence or two.
  • Using offensive language is considered a direct breach of our terms and conditions, which leads to an immediate ban from all services, offered by AskGamblers.
  • Have some proof to support your claims? Awesome, attach it all, but make sure to hide all personal information (such as names, addresses, bank accounts, phone numbers, emails, etc.) as this is a public forum and your complaint will be visible to anyone visiting our website. Stating fake or false proof leads to an immediate ban from all services, offered by AskGamblers.
  • You’ve breached a particular casino and/or bonus term, clearly stated within the casino’s website?We're sorry, there’s nothing we could do about it. We are trying to solve players’ issues here and not commenting whether a specific casino or bonus rule/s is fair or not. You could use our forum instead.
  • Don’t use Caps Lock when writing your messages here. Using these on the internet is considered as yelling and we do not tolerate nor accept this kind of behaviour.
  • State clearly what you want from the casino when submitting the complaint. If you are not quite sure of that, then no one else will be and will most probably just be a waste of our time.
  • In case you would like to share some negative experience with particular online casino, please do not use the complaint system for that. You could use our forum instead, or perhaps take benefit from the comment field, which is at your disposal under each casino review, presented at AskGamblers.
  • Currently, we accept complaints written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Japanese. We do not expect from you to be the next Shakespeare, however, your text should be understandable.
  • Please, make sure you’re not about to post a complaint twice, concerning one and the same issue. In case your old complaint has been unresolved and/or closed for some reason but now there are new facts, contact our support team and ask for their assistance in its reopening.
  • Stick to the given time-frame. Once it is your turn to answer, you are given 96 hours to do that and we believe that’s plenty of time for all parties involved in the complaint’s process. If for some reason you missed your turn, do not submit a new complaint but contact our support team and ask for their assistance.
  • If your problem has been completely or partially solved during the complaint’s process, please make sure to update us immediately either by posting a new message within the complaint or by contacting our support team. Throwing accusations against a casino, wasting our time and efforts dealing with your complaint and then never to return to keep us informed what happened is a matter of bad manners.
  • We’ll do our utmost to review and publish your complaint within 96 hours, however, we cannot guarantee that all complaints will be processed within the stated period. Please, be patient and try to wait a day or two as we are assisting dozens of players at a time.
  • Using the AskGamblers’ complaint service as a possible threat and/or attempt to blackmail any online casino operator is strictly forbidden and leads to an immediate rejection of your complaint and ban from all services, offered by AskGamblers!
  • AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service is a totally free service and does not collect any charges from players and/or casinos.
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