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Fastest Withdrawal Casinos

In this day and age, waiting extended periods for a casino payout is no longer an option. We filtered through our trusted CasinoRank to compile the fastest withdrawal casinos in one place below.

Affiliate disclosure

Our content contains affiliate links and we may make a commission on casino registrations and deposits made through these links. We only recommend licensed casinos and we would not endorse any brand that is not verified by our casino experts. Get the truth, then play.

Is There Such a Thing as an "Instant Withdrawal Casino"?

Instant Withdrawal Casinos exist, but it is a new casino concept, so they are still rare. With an instant payout casino, players get an efficient service that almost immediately completes their withdrawal request and presents no hassle for them.

The fastest withdrawal casinos stretch their offer from 0 to 1 hour. Others, which are also considered fast, stretch from 12 to 24 hours. 

In some jurisdictions, such as the UK, a short wait time is established in law. The idea is that there is no waiting and wasting time, but instead, spending more time gaming or relaxing than worrying about your payment being processed. 

AskGamblers considers fast casino withdrawals those that have pending times of 0-1 hour.

Types of Instant Withdrawal Casinos

Simply put, instant withdrawal casinos are online casinos that offer short payout time and a simple payout process. Whether you choose keno, sports betting, lottery, bingo, slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, online poker, or some other game, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the best place to play.

Casinos that accept e-wallets and other types of fast payment methods are becoming increasingly popular because of their fast payouts.

Benefits of Instant Withdrawal Casinos

With fast withdrawal casinos, players can get their winnings in a matter of minutes without having to wait days or even weeks for their funds to be processed. Fast withdrawal casinos are an excellent option for players that are looking for convenient solutions and fast payouts, so they can enjoy the thrilling experience of playing their favourite games without worrying about dragged-out payouts

Casinos that provide fast withdrawals are aware that their customers are looking for simple and fast solutions. The good thing is that there are options for everyone out there, so even if you are not a fan of instant payouts, you should be able to find the right casino for you.

Which Casinos Have the Fastest Withdrawal?

These are the casinos whose pending time of E-wallets is up to one hour. But what does that mean, exactly? 

The pending time is for the casino to approve the withdrawal, as the KYC team will review the transaction and player behaviour. E-wallets can then pay in 1 hour AFTER the approval. So, if the casino advertises 1 hour, that's what they mean. 

Essentially, it could still take 24 hours to be approved, rounding at a 25-hour withdrawal time, in that case.

Additionally, online casinos that offer various payment options are preferable gambling destinations for everyone who's into fast withdrawals. When there are plenty of payment methods available, there are plenty of options to withdraw money fast, too.

Casinos that feature PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin are the casinos to opt for. Pay ‘n’ Play casinos are a great option, too.

Instant withdrawal casinos that have the fastest withdrawals

Common Payment Methods for Fast Withdrawal Casinos

You have probably noticed that online casinos usually offer a few payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals. Those methods are there for your convenience, so you can check the information on casino sites and choose your preferred option. But what are the fastest payment methods? 

We have already mentioned e-wallets, so PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or Apple Pay, for example, are convenient solutions for instant deposits and the fastest withdrawals. Debit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard, are also very popular payment methods, but you should know that they don’t support instant payouts.

Players who prefer making payments in cryptocurrency should look for casinos that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum or another preferred cryptocurrency as a payment method. These transactions are usually fast and suitable for players who enjoy the convenience of fast payments and withdrawals.

You should, however, be aware that certain payment methods have limits on deposits and that wagering requirements and withdrawal limits depend on the casino.

What Is a Casino Withdrawal Time?

In online gambling, withdrawal time refers to the process of transferring money from the casino to your bank account, i.e., the time needed for the funds to reach your account. 

The term is primarily used in online casinos because the process of getting paid in land-based casinos is simple: you simply walk to the cage and cash in the chips you want to.

What Does a Casino Withdrawal Timeframe Consist of?

There are several things you need to consider when playing in an online casino before making a withdrawal request:

Some online casinos allow a fixed number of withdrawals per month only.

The amount players can withdraw in one go can sometimes be limited.

Every casino has its own withdrawal timetable.

You should be allowed to cancel the withdrawal request during payment processing.

It usually takes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to get your money, sometimes even longer (2-8 business days). The speed of your transfer usually depends on the payment method you are using for withdrawal.

Every casino has different terms and conditions concerning withdrawing money. Inspect them properly before gambling at your chosen online platform.

Security Checks/KYC get conducted to confirm the payment used belongs to the customer and ensure the customer is of legal age.

What Is Considered as Slow Casino Pending Time?

Slow casino pending time is any time longer than 24 to 48 hours for payment processing. Fast payout casinos shouldn't take longer than 24 hours to have your money ready. 

Naturally, withdrawal times depend on the payment method, also – as each payment method is attached to their internally determined payout times. 

What Is Considered a Fast Casino Pending Time?

Fast casino pending time is anything from 0 to 1 hour. Unfortunately, there still aren't too many online casinos offering this fast of a withdrawal, but there are some, like crypto casinos, you can count on for such fast transfers.

The faster a pending casino time is, the better they rank in the online gambling world. 

Casino Withdrawal Time Using Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin casinos are the closest there are to instant withdrawal casinos, as they pay out the same day without a doubt. Withdrawal time is within minutes due to the way their transactions work. 

As crypto transactions don't need any banking system approval but that of another person, things go smoothly and quickly.

There are people who "chase" approvals (aka mining) because that way, they earn a fraction of the sum. This is one of the reasons why crypto transactions get processed as fast as they do.

Casino Withdrawal Time Using E-Wallets

E-Wallets are an instant deposit method, with withdrawals taking from one to four hours maximum. They guarantee a payout on the same day you deposited. 

Instant withdrawal casinos usually offer various E-Wallets so that you can have more options and the possibility to split your funds to different processors.

If you are based in Europe and the UK, Paypal is the most secure option that you have in this category. Skrill and Neteller are also proven to be trustworthy options.

Casino Withdrawal Time Using Credit Cards

Although credit cards have been getting a bad reputation lately, they still make for a solid and secure payment method. Withdrawal times with credit or debit cards don't usually take longer than three days, but you should think about the weekends.

A late Friday night withdrawal may have you wait until Monday for the payout.

Casino Withdrawal Time Using Bank Transfers

Bank transfer is a traditional method of transferring money to and from online casinos. It is considered one of the oldest and slowest methods; sometimes, withdrawals may take longer than a single working week. 

At times, players will wait up to 5 working days before the money appears in their bank account.

Casino Withdrawal Time Using Cheques

Cheques are an old-fashioned way of payment that is no longer accepted in most fast payout casinos. However, even if a casino of your choice still accepts cheques, the withdrawal time is exceptionally long.  

What Is Casino Pending Time?

Casino pending time is the pending time in which your money sits in the account before it gets processed and approved by the casino accounts department. Once the pending time is over, your winnings get sent to your designated withdrawal method.

What Is the Withdrawal Process at Instant Withdrawal Casinos?

Even though the whole withdrawal process is faster than in other casinos, there are still steps that you and the casino have to follow before they can cash out your withdrawal. Let’s look at the basic steps that the payout process follows:

Make Your Withdrawal Request

When you decide it is time to make a withdrawal, you should head to the right page on the casino website, select your preferred payment method and the amount you wish to withdraw, and confirm your request. Note that you’ll have to meet the minimum withdrawal requirements the casino has set and the maximum withdrawal limits, of course. If you have any doubts, make sure to contact the casino’s customer service team.

Casino Processing

Once you’ve made your withdrawal request, it is up to the casino to process it. Fast withdrawal casinos have made this action quick and convenient with automated processes and dedicated teams. We have already listed some of the fastest payment methods for quick withdrawals, so if you want your cash out to be fast, you should choose one of those options.

Vendor Processing Based on the Payment Method

The speed at which the vendor will process your withdrawal payment depends on your chosen method. Withdrawals to your e-wallet are almost instantaneous, and if you wish to leave the funds there, the process is super quick. If you wish to withdraw the money to your account or card, the process can take up to a few days depending on the bank.

Account Verification and Payout

Casinos ask for account verification through their Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements when you sign-up at their website. You might also need to prove your identity when you are making a withdrawal, especially the first time you withdraw. You will need to provide a scan of your driver’s licence or another government-issued identity document, or a statement from your bank. Once the casino confirms your identity and the vendor processes your payment, you will receive the requested funds.

Withdrawal process steps at instant withdrawal casinos

How Does the Trustly (Pay 'n' Play) Payment Method Influence Withdrawal Time?

Developed by the Swedish payment processor, Trustly, Pay n Play is a gaming-focused product with instant deposit time and withdrawal time completed within minutes. At the moment, Pay n Play is only available in Sweden, Netherlands, Estonia, and Finland.

Pay n Play works relatively easy; all players need to do is provide the casino with their BankID, register, and deposit instantly. Players don't need to verify their identity with this method. 

Withdrawals are straightforward with Pay' n' Play as they don't require any details except the amount players wish to withdraw. Also, there is no worry about verification or transfer times. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Fast Withdrawal Casinos?

Even though they are very convenient, instant withdrawal casinos are not everyone’s cup of tea. Much like with other options, there are some pros and cons to using fast withdrawal casinos:



  • You get your funds quickly and usually without any delays, especially if you choose the right payment methods
  • Fast withdrawal online casinos are increasingly popular, so you will have plenty of games to choose from when you are deciding what to play
  • The customer service department at these casinos is very responsive, so your impression will be much better than in regular online casinos
  • The risk of fraud is minimal


  • Not all payment methods have the same withdrawal time, so they might not meet the player’s expectations 
  • Casinos might inflict limitations on withdrawing bonus funds, so some payment methods might not be available, or there could be wagering requirements because the fees might be too high for casinos

Check Out These Instant Withdrawal Casinos

Instant withdrawal casinos haven’t yet become the norm of online gambling the general feeling is that things are slowly moving in that direction. 

Before you decide on a casino you’ll be spending time at, check their withdrawal terms and conditions to be sure you don’t waste time and money at a place that doesn’t agree with your expectations.