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If you are interested in joining an affiliate program, then you have come to the right page. Here you will find our directory of affiliate programs at which you can register in your own time. We like to regularly update our list with the newest and hottest affiliate programs in the industry, so there will always be something on this page to suit everyone’s taste and needs. 

You’ll also be able to keep up to date with any affiliate news and, if you experience any issues with an affiliate program we have, you can register a complaint using this page, too. So take a look and see if there’s anything you like. 

What Is an Affiliate Program?

If you are interested in promoting an online casino in order to earn commission, then you may want to sign up to one of our many affiliate programs. You can take a browse at all of the casino affiliate programs we have and, if you decide to register at one, you will then earn a commission when you refer players to that casino. 

Each casino affiliate program is different, but they more or less work in the same way as mentioned above. The commission is earned based on the net revenue that referred players have generated at the said casino. Some affiliate brands will have just one casino under their umbrella. However, some affiliate brands will represent multiple casinos. Those ones with multiple casinos give you the chance to earn more commission. 

Check out our casino affiliate reviews to see exactly what commission you will earn in each one. Most of our reviews will show you exactly how much commission you will get, which is usually expressed in a percentage. Some reviews may not include this information, but it will be found when you visit the affiliate's website instead. Some affiliates will also be willing to tailor-make plans for you, too. 

You can open each casino affiliate program to see which ones you think will work best for you in terms of how many players you think you can refer to the casino in question. 

No Negative Carryover

All the reviews you find here will include pros and cons to help you decide if that affiliate program suits you. One of the biggest factors that go in your favour when choosing an affiliate program is that they have no negative carryover. 

What does “no negative carryover” mean when talking casino affiliate programs? This means if your earnings are negative at the end of any given month (which can happen if one or lots of your referred players have won a lot or if they have hit a huge jackpot) a no negative carryover will reset that negative balance at the start of a new month. So, you get to start the next month with a fresh balance and start earning commission again. 

On the other hand, affiliate programs that do have a negative carryover will carry your negative earnings over into the next month. You will then need to earn commission again and clear the negative earnings before any commission becomes payable. You can easily find all of our affiliate programs that offer no negative carryover on this page. 

Affiliate Programs’ Payment Information

Also included in our reviews will be all the details you need about getting your hard-earned payments. The commission is usually calculated on a month-to-month basis, but each affiliate program will pay on different dates. 

Our affiliate program reviews will be able to tell you how you get paid, what currencies you can choose from and what the minimum amounts are that you must earn before you can cash out. Make sure when you sign up to our affiliate programs that you are choosing one which has a payment method and currency that you can use. 

Sub-Affiliation Schemes

If you really want to boost your earrings, you can check our affiliate programs to see if they have a sub-affiliation option. This means you can refer affiliates to the program yourself and you will then earn a commission based on their referred players’ net revenue. 

Affiliate Programs’ Exclusive Plans

On this page you’ll also find affiliate programs where we have managed to arrange an exclusive commission structure. You will need to sign up through this page in order to take advantage of the exclusive commission deals, so make sure you check these first as they could give you a little boost to those earnings. 

Check the Affiliate Software

Before you register at any of the affiliate programs here, make sure you read our casino affiliate program reviews to check which software you will be using. Most affiliate programs will give you the tools you need to help with marketing campaigns which can attract those all-important players to the casino you’re promoting. 

The commission will only be earned when players deposit and refer, so sometimes the marketing tools you have will be vital to those statistics. Speaking of stats, you’ll be able to keep track of your earnings depending on which software the affiliate program is using. Some will be updated in real time, whilst others may have a small delay. Our review should keep you up to speed with how each different software will work. You can then join those you think will suit you best. 

Have a Problem?

We hope you never experience any issues with the affiliate programs we have on this page, but just in case you do, you will be able to open a complaint through AskGamblers. The affiliate program you want to complain about has to appear in our directory in order to submit a complaint and once a complaint has gone live we then act as a mediator between you and the affiliate program. Updates will appear live on the complaint page. 

Pick Your Casino Affiliate Program

Now you have all the information you need to get started, you can browse our list of affiliate programs till you find the ones you like. 


Which casinos are affiliated?

All casinos listed on AskGamblers are affiliated; otherwise, we wouldn't have included them in our directory. You will find information about a casino's affiliate program in the casino review.

Although there are so-called independent (standalone or unaffiliated) online casinos, you won't find them on our website.

How do casino affiliates work?

A casino affiliate acts as an intermediary between online casinos and players. The casino affiliate's role is to refer new players to the casino, in turn, earning a commission when those players register and deposit at the online casino.

What are iGaming commissions?

Commissions are monetary rewards earned by affiliates in the iGaming industry. Affiliates get paid based on commission plans hashed out with the affiliate program, together with the rest of the terms of the agreement. These plans can take several forms, including cost-per-acquisition (CPA), revenue-share, a combination of the two (hybrid plans), etc.

What are the highest paying casino affiliate programs?

There is no single answer to this question. In general, the larger the program, the bigger the payout. However, how much commission affiliates earn depends on their ability to attract customers through their websites.

Where can I find the best casino affiliate programs?

AskGamblers considers various aspects of affiliate programs, from technical parameters to the quality of online casinos they promote, and assigns them a condensed rating. Browse through our list of affiliate programs and take your time to decide which ones are worth your attention.

How to join the right casino affiliate program?

Becoming a casino affiliate is easy. Once you've decided on a program, click on the 'Join affiliate program' button in the review, and it will take you straight to the affiliate program's sign-up page.