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Software Issues

While engaging in online gambling, you may run across certain software issues. The list of potential problems ranges from issues regarding software fairness and software glitches to wrong calculations and missing funds. On this page you will find all of the current and past software issues — casino complaints that have already been resolved and those that are yet to be dealt with.

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Details about Software Issue Complaints

After players have had their share of unpleasant experiences with online casinos regarding various software issues and subsequently filed a complaint, their ongoing cases will be listed on this page. You can enter each of the complaints – both current and previously resolved – and read detailed recounts of what the issue at hand is, along with responses from online or mobile casinos responsible. 

When a particular case has been deemed resolved, the thread will be closed. If the issue hasn't been solved, it will remain open until the operator responsible has provided all the necessary information.

However, even after a complaint has been resolved, none of the accumulated information will be gone, and the entire correspondence between the two sides will remain on the page for future reference.

Software Issues List

To see all the current and previous complaints regarding software issues, glitches and misplaced funds, just scroll through our software issues list and read about each by clicking on separate cases.