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AskGamblers Online Casino Complaints

With over 80% resolved complaints, AGCCS has your back!


Since the launch of AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service, we have consistently provided an independent and expeditious complaints resolution between players and online casinos.


With transparency as one of our core values, AskGamblers was the first ever affiliate website to offer users a public complaint process.


When handling complaints, there is no room for compromise. That is why our complaints decisions are fact-based, relying on rock-solid, undisputed, and unambiguous evidence.









Things to Know Before Filing a Casino Complaint

Running into trouble with a casino can be stressful; AGCCS is there to take a part of that stress away and help you right the wrong.

Step 1

Before submitting an online casino complaint, you should exhaust as many options as possible with the casino, including getting in touch with the online casino disputes team. Once you hit the wall with the casino, you are welcome to file a complaint with AGCCS.

Step 2

Carefully read through AGCCS complaint guidelines. By adhering to our guidelines you can help us expedite the process, ensuring that we have enough grounds and information to intervene.

Read guidelines

Step 3

If you have exhausted all dispute resolution avenues with the casino and read through our guidelines carefully, you are welcome to submit a complaint via our complaint form.

Submit complaint

Tip: AskGamblers casino reviews provide an overview of past and pending complaints against casinos. Perusing them can give you a deeper insight into the casino’s AGCCS track record.

AG Online Casino Complaint Process Explained

Before it is resolved or closed, every complaint goes through the same process. Here’s a rough breakdown of your complaint’s journey with AGCCS:


Investigation begins

You will hear back from us within two working days of submitting your complaint. We might have to ask for more details to understand your issue entirely.


Contacting the casino

Our dispute resolution team then proceeds and contacts the casino. If the casino fails to respond, we will employ other avenues to resolve your issue.


Solving your issue

We work with you and the casino to ensure your issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

Keep in mind that casino complaints can be complex, so patience is crucial. Handling gambling complaints takes time, which is why we have set up a notification system, allowing you to monitor the status of your complaint at all times. Once the casino responds to the AskGamblers complaint, you will be notified about the outcome and have a chance to reply. Finally, please refrain from discussing your complaint publicly (e.g., in the Forum) until it has been resolved or closed.

The complaint didn`t get resolved? What to do next?

Reputable online casinos will be eager to respond to any complaint as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes casinos fail to respond, increasing the chances of your complaint not getting resolved. But don`t panic! You will be allowed to reopen your complaint twice, and AskGamblers will go through the same initial process. So, even if the casino does not respond, there are still options on the table. However, if it turns out that you have breached the casino`s terms and conditions, chances are your complaint will not be resolved in your favour, and you will be advised to contact the licensing authority.

  • Solved
  • Opened
  • Not Solved
  • Rejected
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Clean Sheet Casinos

Finding a fresh selection of the best casinos in the iGaming industry is easy, if you know how. Here's a list of online casinos with the best track record in resolving complaints on AskGamblers.


What is AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service /AGCCS/?

Launched in 2009, AGCCS has a single goal: to deliver a fair, honest, independent, and free mediation service between players and online casinos.

It has since become one of the most sought-after and successful mediation services globally. Every year, the AGCCS handles thousands of complaints, recovering millions in unfairly confiscated funds.

Who can use AGCCS?

Anyone can use the AGCCS! If you have stumbled across our website and have yet to create an account, we have your back too! All it takes is to register an account at AskGamblers first, and then you're free to submit a complaint.

How to submit a casino complaint?

Upon clicking the 'Submit a Complaint' button, we will offer a list of the most common issues. The options include payment issues, bonus issues, deposit issues and more. If none of these is relevant, you can proceed by selecting 'Other'.

However, before submitting a complaint, it is essential that you read our complaint guidelines to ensure your complaint gets accepted.

You can start your complaint by filling in the online complaint form. You must include as much information as possible to increase the chances of having your complaint accepted. You must also submit as much supporting evidence as possible to substantiate your claim, including screenshots, emails, and chat transcripts.

Once submitted, the AskGamblers Casino Complaints team will review your complaint before it goes live.

What should I watch out for when submitting a complaint?

You must identify the main problem and be as descriptive as you can. If you submit a claim with insufficient information, chances are it will be rejected.

For an outcome to be in your favour, it would be best if you acted in respect of the casinos' terms and conditions. If you know you have breached these, your complaint will probably not be accepted.

You must never post a complaint using false or fake evidence, as this is against the law. Be as factual as possible to give your complaint the best chance of acceptance.

Make sure you have followed the complaint guidelines. They exist for a reason. If you adhere to them, you've got a great chance of success.

Can AGCCS help me get back my money from the casino?

The AGCCS has helped thousands of players to recover millions of dollars over the years, and they have no intention of backing down!

If your funds have been unfairly confiscated, the AGCCS is the best way to go. To increase your chance of success, you should be as thorough as possible. The more information you share, the better!

Remember, AskGamblers acts as a mediator; if you've broken the casino's rules, you won't get your money back. Therefore, reading terms and conditions should always come first.

Why is AGCCS so successful?

Our complaints are based on hard facts, so we always ask you to include as much information as possible backed up with the rock-solid evidence we need to get the ball rolling.

Our community guidelines are strict for a reason: they have proven to work time and again.

If you have issues with a casino listed on AskGamblers, look no further. The AGCCS is here for you.