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Accounts handling issues

Account handling issues may vary from having trouble with registration and account closure to issues regarding casino Terms violations, online casinos being offline and numerous others. All the complaints of this sort can be found right here on this page.

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Complaints regarding Account Handling Issues Found Here

Account handling issues include a variety of matters. For example, your online gambling account can be blocked without your knowing why, it can be closed on grounds you don't understand, you could be having trouble terminating your account, or you could be accused of having multiple accounts unjustly. Whatever the account issue at hand, if you submit a complaint, it will be listed on this page.

Follow Complaint Developments

As you can enter each complaint and read all about the particular issue and its specific details, you can also track the developments between the two opposing parties. Certain complaints will be backed up with all the necessary documentation and proof and be easily resolved; others may take more evidence and time to be resolved. If you wish to follow the progress, simply click on the 'Follow Complaint' button, and you'll be duly notified of all news.

Account Handling Issues List on Our Site

To make sure all the online casino complaints regarding account handling are in one place, we have compiled an account handling issues list, so you can feel free to browse the page and find everything you need right here on this page.