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AskGamblers' team of online gambling expert writers takes charge of all written content on AskGamblers.com, from casino reviews to industry news to the hottest casino promotions, while also offering a deeper insight into iGaming via blogs and opinion pieces. Adhering to the highest writing standards, our writers' team goes the extra mile to help our readers hone their betting skills through tips and advice, bringing them closer to the truth about the world of online gambling.

Petar Mitrovic 28 articles

Petar is a content editor at AskGamblers with over five years of experience in different industries. He studied English language, literature, and culture at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, where he discovered his love for reading and writing. Before you know it, he started his writing career. Outside of work, he loves playing guitar and going to concerts across Europe, listening to all kinds of bands.

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Bojan Jovanovic 13 articles

Bojan is a content editor and journalist with a passion for all things esports and gaming. With over 15 years of journalistic experience, Bojan aims to provide an in-depth look for each topic, creating entertaining and informative articles for our readers. News and betting guides are his specialty, but you might see him reviewing sportsbooks and casinos. When he's not writing about gambling, he's most likely binging movies and TV shows or getting his cardio on in Beat Saber.

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Milka Mitrovic 94 articles

Milka is a senior content editor and writer, and everyone’s go-to gal for writing tips and tricks, with over eight years of experience in the industry. Using her expertise, Milka aims to always put the players’ needs first and deliver high-quality and entertaining content that will guide them towards making more informed and safer gaming choices. If you’ve ever read a how-to blog or a fun anecdote from gambling history, chances are she was the author. When she is not writing for AskGamblers, Milka can be found watching copious amounts of movies and scribbling stories and ideas that might one day turn into a novel.

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Sharon Davies 518 articles

Sharon is a content writer with over eight years of experience in the industry. Sharon is also a veteran gamer with over 10 years of experience playing in casinos, her speciality being in video slots. Her experience as a writer, and a player, gives her a unique perspective and knowledge she happily shares with other players through blogs, reviews, and news articles. Sharon's knowledge spreads across all aspects of casinos, from slots to bonuses, and she can also be found offering her expertise in the forum and beyond. When she is not writing for AskGamblers, Sharon enjoys spending time with her family and watching Netflix.

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Goran Gaćeša 405 articles

As a content writer and editor with several years of experience in iGaming, Goran’s primary concern lies with players. Be it promotions news or the latest advances in responsible gambling, he makes players’ benefits and well-being his prerogative. He is constantly looking for changes in the industry, making him the go-to person when you need to see the bigger picture.

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Irena Ducic 243 articles

Irena is a content editor with a background in philology and Scandinavian studies. Her passion for the English language eventually prevailed, so she started writing content in English instead of practising her Danish. After a few years in the insurance industry, she decided it was high time for a change of scenery and to learn the ropes of a new industry, which is how she landed at AskGamblers. In her free time, she enjoys watching TV shows and sports games and reading fantasy and classic literature (nerd alert!).

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Bojana Djordjevic 15 articles

Bojana is the Head of Editorial Content at AskGamblers and a writer and editor with over 6 years of experience in various industries. Her vast knowledge of the iGaming industry allows here to always share fresh insights and help players get the truth before they start playing.

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Dom DiFurio 1 article

Dom DiFurio is a staff writer at Stacker covering money, the economy, business trends, real estate, and more. He previously wrote for The Dallas Morning News, and his work has been published in The Washington Post, USA Today, and ESPN Magazine, as well as local and regional newsrooms across the country. He has been recognized by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing, the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors, and Columbia University.

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Justin Byers 1 article

Justin Byers is an experienced sports business and betting writer. His work has appeared in and been covered by publishers such as Front Office Sports, MSN (US), MarketWatch, Bleacher Report, Miami Herald, Digital Journal, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Charlotte Observer, The Sacramento Bee, IndyStar, and Morningstar.

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Ali Hickerson 2 articles

Ali Hickerson is a content writer and strategist, multimedia journalist, and contributing writer for Stacker, based in Brooklyn, New York City. She has worked extensively in non-profit and health communications in Melbourne, Australia, and New York City, and has also worked in video production and the tech industry, most recently at Waze. Ali writes for B2B companies and enjoys writing about health and wellness—especially psychology and the evolving relationship towards work in our culture. Outside of work, Ali is practicing yoga, soaking in the arts in the city, or planning her next dream documentary project.

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Jared Beilby 1 article

Jared Beilby is a writer and data journalist with a history covering a range of topics, including sports, entertainment, and personal finance. His work has appeared in and been covered by places like the Miami Herald, Forbes, and MSN.

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Aine Givens 1 article

Aine Givens has worked in newspapers, publishing and television. She has lived in Asia, the Middle East, and now New York City. She likes to travel and to rescue pets, and she tries to grow herbs on her city window sills. She’s a news junkie who loves to talk about any story in the headlines.

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