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Casino Big Wins News

Stories featuring news about big wins are always an exciting read in the world of online gambling, especially as they are not an everyday occurrence. If you enjoy juicy rags-to-riches tales, this is where you'll get all the thrilling details regarding the latest big wins. 

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Inspiring News about Big Wins

Ever so often an online or mobile slot player will hit a massive progressive jackpot or just a normal jackpot and the exhilarating news will travel the internet. If you like staying up-to-date on all the recent big casino wins in the fast-paced iGaming industry, you'll enjoy reading our articles.

In our news stories, you'll learn which online slots are in the spotlight at the moment and whether they belong to the group of video slots or progressive slots. Furthermore, our articles will tell you how big of a jackpot has just been hit and in which online casinos it's occurred. And finally, these news articles might also give you new ideas about where to spin the reels next. 

Our big win casino stories could also help you decide which online slots could give you your lucky break, even if you have never tried or considered them before. Sometimes there may be multiple big win slots included in the story because not every big win is derived on a jackpot slot. Big wins can happen on any game and from a series of wins and there’s certainly plenty of variety included on this page.  

Our 8th episode of AskGamblers Podcast Player's Greatest Hits: Turning $0.40 Bet Into a 6.000x Win covers an inspiring story from our loyal, long-standing forum member, Fiekie247! Listen to what he had to say, and enjoy the podcast!

Try Big Win Games For Free

If you’ve never played the big win casino slots we mention in our stories, then why don’t you give them a go here at AskGamblers first? You can search our selection of online slots and progressive jackpot slots and you are sure to find some slot machines you like. Remember: you can never win a jackpot when playing in free mode. However, the fun mode can give you a good idea of how the game works before you spin with real money

Playing in free play can also allow you to check the game’s paytable and figure out how a progressive jackpot is won. Some stories on this page include jackpots that are triggered randomly, others include wins that have come from a bonus round or from matching jackpot symbols. Every jackpot game is different, so it’s always important to make sure you understand how to win a jackpot before you spin the reels. 

Choose Progressive Slots

Once you read the newest stories about your peers' big casino wins, you will likely want to go on to spin the reels of the slots in question. While you may already know that some of the most prolific progressive slots around are Microgaming's popular Mega Moolah slot and NetEnt's famous Mega Fortune slot, you'll also learn about dozens of other fruitful online slots here. You might even be surprised at some of the titles mentioned here!

Still, if you don’t want to pick a progressive slot, that’s okay too. If you don’t have any idea which games offer huge potential that could make you a multimillionaire, you can just browse through our stories to give you an idea. It won’t always be a progressive jackpot slot but the record-breaking wins will usually be. It just depends on what you’re looking for. Another thing to remember is that progressive jackpot increases over time. Therefore, the longer it goes without being won, the higher the jackpot becomes. 

Anyone Can Win Big

If you think only high rollers or people with big bankrolls win jackpots, you'd be very wrong. On this page, you’ll find stories from all walks of life and everyone is different. There’s no type of person that can win big because it could happen to anyone.

It doesn’t matter how much you deposit or how much you play with; all it requires is a little bit of luck. Some games which offer multiple jackpots may require higher bets, but you should make sure you check the paytable of any game before you play it. 

Many of the stories here feature players who have won big on their first deposit at a casino, as there’s just no telling when it could happen. It usually happens when you least expect it.

Mobile Jackpots

With the launch of mobile casinos, big win casino games can also be found on the go, too. With their popularity growing, it was inevitable that jackpots were going to be won from mobile, smartphone and tablet devices, as well as desktop. 

In fact, take a look at our big win stories and you’ll find plenty of them have been won on a mobile device in the most random of places, too. So, if you’ve always got a packed schedule and think you can’t win big, you’re wrong. Load up your favourite online casino on the go, open your preferred progressive jackpot game and see what happens.

Play Responsibly

Whichever game you decide to play, you must remember that progressive jackpot slots are especially addictive. In a way, they might be even more so than normal video slots due to the large amounts that are at stake. 

So, make sure you only play these games with the money you can afford to lose. Additionally, you should only be placing bets that you are comfortable with and never chase your losses. Remember this at all times and thus ensure you play responsibly

Latest News About Casino Big Wins

Sometimes big casino wins are won on the smallest of stakes and we bet you’d be surprised at some of the stories that are included on this page. You don’t need to bet big to win big and these big win stories are proof of that.

Ready to dive into our collection of casino big win stories? You’re only a click away. 

All you have to do is browse through our collection of big win stories, read our posts to discover how your fellow online slot players became millionaires with a single lucky hit on various online and progressive slots, find the most appealing video and progressive slots, spin the reels of said Microgaming slots, NetEnt slots among others and have fun. 

Good luck! Who knows – next time you're on the page, we might be featuring a story about you, potential future big winner.


What does our big win news section include?

Our Big Win section brings you exciting stories about people who have made huge wins at online casinos. Whether it's a jackpot win in the millions or just a big win won with minimal stakes thanks to a colossal multiplier - we care about every lucky hit and want to share these stories with you.

What can you learn from our big win news section?

Our stories are not made up but actual events. We want to show you that you, too, can be lucky and write your own success story. Luck can happen to anyone, it just has to be on your side, and you can become a millionaire with a small investment.

How do we choose which big wins we cover?

Big wins are always significant events, so we cover all mega wins. Of course, we are particularly interested in those that produce immense profits with minor stakes or stories of people who went from rags to riches. Cracking a progressive jackpot is also one of the highlights of this section.

What is the biggest win we covered?

The biggest win we covered to date was a whopping €18.9 million jackpot triggered on the Mega Moolah slot in 2018 at Grand Mondial Casino.