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Best Payout Casinos

Looking for top-rated payout casinos? You're in the right place. Using CasinoRank, we assembled the list of casinos with the highest RTP on our website.

Affiliate disclosure

Our content contains affiliate links and we may make a commission on casino registrations and deposits made through these links. We only recommend licensed casinos and we would not endorse any brand that is not verified by our casino experts. Get the truth, then play.

What Is a Casino Payout Percentage?

The casino payout percentage reflects the total of player winnings against the money wagered over a certain period of time. As each game has its own return-to-player or RTP rate, the overall casino payout percentage takes into account all games in the casino’s catalogue.

Checking a casino’s RTP might make a difference between winning your money and some more back, and never seeing any of it. So if you want to learn more about your odds at a casino, you should look for this figure before playing.

At best payout casinos, you can expect to find the game selection limited to titles with the highest RTP around, which in turn boosts the casino’s overall RTP and your odds of winning.

Institutions That Publicly Announce a Casino Payout Percentage

Institutions in charge of publicly announcing a casino payout percentage are independent agencies that test and verify a casino’s RTP so that players can rest assured the information is correct.

This information is usually found on online casinos’ front pages, in the form of the logo of certain institutions with the certificate attached to it.

Check for these logos when you visit a casino website and stay clear of online venues that fail to display this information transparently.


The UK-based eCOGRA is by far the most relevant auditor of RTP rates in online casinos. eCOGRA is an internationally accredited testing agency in a number of online gaming jurisdictions and specializes in certification of software and systems in online gaming.

eCOGRA’s Safe and Fair Seal is awarded to operators who are compliant with the agency’s requirements. To earn the Seal, operators must demonstrate that:

  • Their games are fair
  • The operator runs transparent operations
  • Players with the operator are protected and their money safe

In the certificate, which all new casinos should strive to get, eCOGRA states the RTP rates of the entire casino as well as the payout percentage of slot games, blackjack, roulette and video poker games.

Other Institutions

There are other institutions that deal with RTP certification, too. The most commonly seen at the bottom of online casinos’ front pages are the logos of Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) and iTechLabs. Both agencies are leading accredited testing laboratories engaged in certification and quality assurance of online gaming systems.

Both GLI and iTechLabs conduct the testing of all sorts of games, including online slots, table and card games, pari-mutuel wagering, bingo and lottery games and many others.

Payout Percentage Categories

When certifying a casino, testing agencies usually categorise payout percentages per a particular type of game, in addition to the casino’s overall RTP.

The most common categories of payout percentages are:

  • Overall casino RTP (all games)
  • Slot games
  • Table games
  • Poker games

Read on to learn more about each of these categories and what you should pay attention to when picking a game.

Best Payout Casinos: All Games

The overall casino payout percentage is calculated as a sum of RTPs of all games in a casino’s catalogue divided by the total number of games.

The simple rule to follow here is “the higher the better.” The higher the payout percentage stated by the casino, the greater your odds of winning will be. However, keep in mind that this figure is the average RTP of all games in a casino and that it won’t be the same for all games.

To maximise your odds of winning, picking a casino with a high payout rate is crucial. If you’re unsure where to play, start by browsing our list of best payout casinos and stick to the highest figures.

Best Payout Casinos: Slot Games

Best payout casinos featured here are home to slot games with some of the highest payout percentages around which, in the case of online slots, means ranging from 87% to over 99% RTP.

All providers, regardless of the jurisdiction, are legally required to state return-to-player ratio of slots. This information can be easily found in the info section of any slot and you can rest assured that it has been verified by one of the internationally accredited testing laboratories that guarantee that the stated RTP is correct.

Best Payout Casinos: Table and Card Games

Table and card games such as blackjack, baccarat or roulette, feature some of the highest RTPs of all casino games. For example, the RTP of blackjack stands at a whopping 99.5%. That is if you play your cards right.

When it comes to table and card games, strategy is everything. A stated RTP for a table or a card game only works if you follow through with your strategy. Otherwise, it means little for your overall odds.

At best payout casinos table and card games, you can expect only the titles with the highest RTP so that you can enjoy higher odds of winning from the get go.

Casinos That Have the Best Payout

Casinos with the best payout are basically casinos with the highest RTP rates. Their overall RTP is tested by accredited agencies such as eCOGRA that guarantee the stated return-to-player ratio is indeed true and that the casino hasn’t tampered with it.

The list presented here seeks to offer you exactly that: only the best payout casinos so that you start playing having the very best odds against the house.

Explore the Best Payout Casinos on AskGamblers

Before you enter the massive world of best payout casinos, take a moment of your time to read our in-depth reviews about each of the casinos listed on this page. That way, you will be able to learn more about them apart from knowing how high their RTP is.

Browse the above list and find out which casinos offer the greatest odds of turning your stakes into lucrative wins and enjoy practicing your strategy!