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Vernons Casino - Winnings not paid when provided everything they have asked for.

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Vernons Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount £ 26464
domyarwood United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 12, 2015

To whom it may concern,

I'm glad I came across this website and hopefully you'll be able to help me or at least see that I am not on my own with the problems I've had with this casino.

I joined Vernons Casino on the back of their sister casinos. I was lucky enough to win before and they had paid fine, so thought I would try my luck on this one and boy was I lucky! I used their reload bonus they emailed me about and stayed within the terms and conditions linked to this. I won £26,464!!

I joined on 09/03/2015 and have deposited a fair bit of money in that time so was a regular user. After my win, I received an email on 13/07/2015, somewhat, a strange email to me, requested everything AND the kitchen sink! I thought I had just joined a casino and not joined a bank to ask for a mortgage! I actually think it would be easier for me to get a mortgage with the documents I provided. I mean, what are they doing with this information? It scares me and just feel it's an invasion of my privacy to be honest. Please see what they asked for.....

"1) Your valid photo identification (e.g. passport or driving licence)

2) A utility bill or bank statement posted within the last six months that shows the address registered in your account.

3) Front and back copies of ALL of the credit or debit cards you used to deposit in your account. You can if you wish cover up the middle 8 digits of the long card number, along with the 3 digit CVV on the back of the card.

4) A clear picture of you holding your photo ID (this should allow us to see your whole face and your ID showing your picture)

5) A clear picture of you holding a copy of today's newspaper

6) A screenshot showing your account information for any other payment methods: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, etc.

7) A screenshot showing confirmation of how you funded your methods (your transaction history on Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, bank statement for your card etc showing BOTH the deposit between us and yourself AND the transaction that funded your account to make the deposit)

Once your documents are legible, they will be placed in a secure file and you will not be asked to re-send them in the future."

To me, this seems a bit too much for my liking, although I provided this information within two days i.e. provided on 13/07/2015.

Vernons came back to me the next day saying they had received the said documents and would be placed on file (hopefully an extremely safe file). So you would think all was good and payment should be made to my bank shortly.....think again!

Chased them on the 21/07/2015 regarding my payment and they said it's been escalated to the finance team, so again, I thought okay it's with them and guessing the finance team are the ones to make the final check and payment.....wrong again!

They said my number was invalid, when in fact, it's just switched off during working hours. I told them this and to be considerate about this. I said I could phone them that evening but would need a contact response from them until I chased again.

I took a half day form work on 24/07/2015 as I was promised someone would phone me and I thought it would be worth taking a half day holiday to get this paid, so I could actually go and have a longer holiday with the winnings! I ended up phoning them and the person I needed to speak too, which I am sure there is more than one person, was not in. Wasted half day holiday!

I received an email on 27/07/2015 with no apology going out my way to phone them and taking time out of my busy working day. They just said it's been escalated to Management team.

I have not had a phone call or email from them since. I've been restricted to phoning them with no one there to confirm anything, on line chat as I cant log into my account and I'm just really at the end of tether here and I feel this is the only way, bar court action, to get this sorted and paid.

I would really appreciate your help and views on this.

Many thanks


Posted on September 1, 2015

We are currently checking the player's account and will revert back as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,


domyarwood United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 3, 2015


Thank you for finally paying some money. To say I am happy is an understatement. I can't log into my account still, how will I withdraw the rest? I know I withdrew it all in stages, so will you be paying this during the week?



Posted on September 6, 2015

Dear @domyarwood,

Any updates regarding your complaint? Thank you.

Posted on September 10, 2015


We have reviewed the player's account and can confirm that all withdrawals were processed between the 2nd and 7th September 2015; the player having completed the verification requested.

Kind Regards,


Posted on September 12, 2015

Dear @domyarwood,

Are you satisfied with the casino's response, may we close this complaint as resolved? Please be advised that if you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved.

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