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Dhoze Casino - Unjustified confiscation of 420 euro and account closure

posted on January 5, 2016.

Took a freespin bonus at 2016-01-01. Checked the terms of the actual bonus, and only players not from Portugal I think was allowed to use it, and just one per household/IP adress etc. The freespins were to be activated that day, and winnings were to be wagered sertain amount of times before being awailible for withdrawel.

I played the freespins and got about 22-25 euro in winnings. Started to wager it, and successfully did so ending up with about 425 euro. The belance of the account said it all was awailible for withdrawel.

I went on to the support in Live chat because I couldn't open the page so I could upload the documents for Identification. The chat support said I could send in the documents to their email account for documents. So I did. Then I contacted them again asking about the different withdrawel methods, because I couldn't click on Netteller withdrawel, just bank transfere. They told my I had to make a deposit with Netteller before I could use it for withdrawels. I asked then how it was with banktransfere, if I have to make a deposit before I could use it for withdrawel. And they said that if it is clickable and Availible I shouldn't have to. They told me to try make a withdrawel and see if it cleared.

I specificly asked and was ready to make a deposit if it was nescessary, but because of their answer I went to try a withdrawel on bank transfer.
Beacause of the many different types of information about my bank account numbers and codes, that I didn't understand, I went back to the Live chat to have them explain and help me with that. The support agent was trying to help and asked other apartments for information so I should have the right ones. During the chat I get first an email saying my documents was forwarding to the right apartment and they inform me later when it was done. The next mail I get during the chat is that thay closed my account and taken all my winnings for a breach in their terms. I started to ask the support agent about this and was very upset they did it and I wanted to know why. They didn't give my a reason only reffered the a specific part of their terms:

".....12. Bonuses
12.7 We have the right to refuse any player the right to make use of a Bonus or to alter the Bonus (including cancellation), if we believe that: the Bonus is being abused (our definition of abuse includes a player making use of promotional offers without ever risking their own funds); technical issues have occurred in relation to the Bonus; the Bonus is, for any reason, not able to be conducted as planned.

12.8 If there is any evidence of abuse or fraud, we will close Your Account and confiscate any existing funds.

20. Breaches, penalties and termination
20.1 If we suspect that you have breached these Rules, we may refuse to open, suspend or close Your Account. We may also withhold any money in Your Account (including the deposit) and set off any money or damages due to us against the money in Your Account.

20.3 Our decision is final......"

They said thay couldn't do anything because their descission was final. I tried several times have them explain exaktly what terms I had violated, but couldn't get an answer. I wanted them to explain why because I hadn't done anything wrong. and I wanted a copy of the chat so I could use it for this complaint. The support agent couldn't do that, and she was forwarding the questions I had regarding what specific terms I had breached to another apartment and said they would get back within a few hours to explain to me.

I got an email from them later on, but thay just reffered to the same part of the terms as before and that it was final, nothing to do.

I think it is because they thought I never gonna put in money, and just play without risking my own money, as it say in the terms. But I was asking them before in the chat and they said to me I shouldn't have to make a deposit before a withdrawel if the alternitive of banktransfer was availible and was working. Otherwise I would have made a deposit if it was supposed of me. I have checked the general terms about withdrawels etc and can't find anything about having to deposit before being able to withdraw. The only thing is that part they sent me of the bonus terms that if they think and suspect me for never using my own money at risk they can close my account etc. But I asked them, and they said I didn't have to if it worked to use banktransfer. They said if it wasn't allowed I shouln't be able to use it. And I haven't had the account with them for long, and I think I haven't used any other, or mayby just one or two freespin offers before, so how can they suspect me for just using free money and not my own?

The two first chats I had I didn't even think about make copy of, because of the asnwers I got.....but I have the last chat logged and because I can't attache it I paste it last in this message

I don't think I had made anything wrong, I did all I could to ensure it was right....please help me

posted on January 5, 2016.


My apologies for the late reply.

You will be contacted by our customer support management team shortly regarding the case.

Best Regards,
Betsson Group

posted on January 9, 2016.

Any news?

posted on January 11, 2016.

Based on player's last comment, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.

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