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Rizk Casino - UK Player monthly deposit Limit retrospectively applied with no notification or warning

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Rizk Casino
Reason Deposit limits
Posted on January 9, 2020

I had completed KYC months ago with no issues.
I was playing yesterday (07 Jan 2020) and the account was blocked, they wanted more info (AML) proof of income. Which I sent in.
The account was unlocked today (08 Jan 2020) and I resumed playing with no issues.
I had lost about £800 today.
I had lost about £1600 between yesterday and the day before.
As I was playing with my current balance, I get a message saying "I've reached my monthly loss limit".
When I signed up I set this to £50k pcm so it would not be an issue.

I spoke to live support, they informed me that to change this limit I would need to provide further evidence to show that I can afford to lose more than £900 a month.

Yet I have already lost £2400 at the time this change on my account was imposed.
If they "knew" they were going to review and limit my account, they should have NOT let me continue playing until they had decided what action they we're going to take.
When they asked for more documentation I was already £1600 down. They let me play, deposit, lose, more THEN imposed this restriction.

This was never communicated to myself.
There was no email informing me.
I was not informed that they were reviewing the account.
I was not informed that there was the potential for them to bar my play after sending in my documents.

My complaint is that they knowingly took more money from me while they were reviewing this, they even unlocked the account again in the few hours between my sending in files, and I lost £800 in that time, to then find out by "error message" that I'm now limited and cannot even play with my exisitng balance.

This is a rediculous situation. I was in the middle of playing a slot and they just locked me out of any further play with no consultation or pre-warning.

All I could do was withdraw my remaining balance.
Personally, I see this as theft, because the whole idea of gambling is "the chance" to either win or lose. They took funds then removed that "chance to win" by imposing a limit.

Had there been clear communication that this was going to happen, and while they made their decision, my account "which was locked" would remain locked until they decieded on a limit and imposed it, that would have been a different matter.

They did not. There was no communication about the potential impact this would have and they unlocked the account, allowed me to play and lose further for half a day before imposing this change.

They should not have done this, the money I lost in this half-day was already beyond the loss limit by over £600 so they should have never allowed me to continue playing knowing they would be imposing a limit.

This is piss poor customer service, shambolic lack of communication, zero effort on their part to provide any level of service, and a total lack of regard for their players.

I tried to reverse all the transactions I made in this period between them unlocking the account and then imposing the limit, with my bank. Under the context that they have defrauded me. UK banks are idiots and don't care as it's not their money.

I think this casino owe me an appology to start with and compensation for their total lack of transparency and the fact that they unlocked and then locked the account without letting me know that any losses would be locked into "their" imposed loss limit.

My claim is that they should refund the deposits I made today Wednesday 08 Jan 2020, because they should never have allowed them to be made.

These deposits totalled £640.
Plus I had an exisiting balance on £100

They were not upfront or honest about this and I contend they should refund this money. They can keep the £1600 I already lost. That is not an issue.

08.01.2020 16:53:34 202001­010­030­016­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.00 80.00
08.01.2020 16:40:27 202001­010­030­016­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.00 80.00
08.01.2020 16:21:37 202001­010­030­016­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.16 80.16
08.01.2020 16:13:44 202001­010­030­016­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.19 80.19
08.01.2020 16:06:10 202001­010­030­015­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.03 80.03
08.01.2020 14:36:43 202001­010­030­015­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.05 80.05
08.01.2020 14:15:35 202001­010­030­015­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 80.00 Approved £ 0.00 80.00
08.01.2020 14:09:36 202001­010­030­015­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 50.00 Approved £ 0.00 50.00
08.01.2020 14:00:04 202001­010­030­015­0000.00 Deposit Visa £ 50.00 Approved £ 0.00 50.00

Posted on January 10, 2020

Hello and good afternoon SHAZBOT2000,

Thanks for reaching out to us and we're sorry to hear that our SOW check and limitation wasn't performed in a satisfactory manner.

We take responsible gaming with extreme seriousness here at Rizk. If your account was limited as a result of the SOW check, then there will be a reason for it based on a sophisticated affordability calculation with your SOW documents as a base.

Any limit set on an account will count from the point it's created and forward. Once the limit is reached it won't allow further play/deposits (depending on the type of limit) until the time-frame of the limit has passed, which usually is a day, week or month.

These are generic answers to the feedback provided by you. If you would like me to check your account and provide you with an answer based on account-specific information then please send an email to [email protected] with the above information and it will be investigated. This is due to us not being allowed to disclose personal information on a platform not owned by Rizk.

Have a good weekend now and take care until we speak again.

Best regards,

Posted on January 13, 2020

I'm wasting my time, I'll just not play at your casino again, its a simple but effective one-man veto on you and your brand.

Posted on January 15, 2020

Hello and good Day SHAZBOT2000,

I'm sorry to hear that you'd rather go elsewhere as a result of the handling of this situation.

I would be more than willing to look into your account and the situation if you would change your mind and send me an email with a copy of the complaint to [email protected]

Hoping to hear back from you.

Best regards,

Posted on January 18, 2020

Dear @shazbot2000,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly. Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS terms providing updates in a timely manner is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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