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Rich Casino - refuses to pay

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Rich Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 1500
Posted on July 30, 2014

This casino is entirely a fraud. US Players - Do not use them at all, they will not allow you to withdraw the money under any circumstances.

I won $5,000.00 playing blackjack, without any bonus code. The company has a policy that you cannot withdraw more than $500.00 a month. After a great deal of complaining to this casino, they sent me a check for $1,500.00 and the bank would not honor it. They informed me that there was no money in the account.

This casino preys upon US players. They have no intention of paying any monies out. They just depend on you losing so they can take your money and go.

After the check bounced, I called them to get an explanation and they hung up on me.

Do not use this casino under any circumstances. You will never receive your money!

Posted on December 12, 2012

Dear AskGamblers

Thank you for bringing this complaint to our knowledge

Although Jetam2 is relatively new to RichCasino many exceptions were made in regards to our terms and conditions in good faith and with the sole intention to establish a good relation between both parties as we establish with many of our satisfied members who request and receive their payouts in an effective and timely manner.

After a thorough investigation performed by our Security and fraud division it was brought to our attention that Jetam2 not only aggressively addressed our representative by using foul and inappropriate language and threats of disputing the purchases on chat but also exhibits fraudulent evidence and behavior with malicious intentions to harm the casino by charging back the deposits made to his account after cashing in the check.

To avoid falling victim to his fraudulent actions we had no alternative but to refund the purchases made, void all winnings and permanently close his account as he perfectly made his intentions clear. we also ask that other operators may be warn as his operating ways and avoid been another victim of Jetam2.


Rich Casino

Posted on December 14, 2012

 The response provided by RichCasino is ridiculous and makes no sense. 

I initiated a chargeback from my credit card (in which they yet haven't refunded) to the casino because they provided me with a fraudulent $1,500.00 with no money in the account. Their bank, refused to honor it for NSF. They owed me another $3,500.00 but absolutely refused to pay it, stating it was company policy that a patron can only withdraw a paltry $500.00 a month!! The $1,500.00 they sent me in that worthless check, RichCasino informed me they were "adjusting their policy" for customer satisfaction. How ridiculous is that?

Fellow gamblers, don't be fooled by what they are trying to do here. They will never pay you and call their customers chargeback frauds because they have one policy in place - avoid paying withdrawals at all costs!!! I have never defrauded another online casino, despite what they're saying here.

Does it make any sense? If I had a chargeback history with other casinos, why would they send me a check? The only truth to their story is that I did use foul language with their employees, but that was because they bounced a check to me and I demanded to know why. In which case, they also used follow language to me in return, lol. In that circumstance, who wouldn't use foul language?

My friends, don't just take my word for it here. Do your own investigation. The overall rating on payouts from this casino sucks and this independent website gives RichCasino a crappy payout rating because of scams like this that they're running. In addition, their are a great deal of complaints all over the web about RichCasino's refusal to payout winnings. 

So RichCasino, are all of your patrons making these complaints fraudulent thieves just because they win? 

Posted on December 14, 2012

Dear AskGamblers

As mentioned on our previous post, Many exceptions were made on Jetam2 favor including tolerance of his abusive language on chat even before his payout was processed. Our Team was at all time professional on chat as well as on the phone since all communication is recorded in order to always improve and provide a better customer service experience.

Jetam2 claims that he initiated the chargeback process after a stop payment was placed on the check nevertheless, recent developments and evidence was brought to our attention by our security and fraud division that Jetam2 actually initiated the chargeback process prior to the day the check was delivered to his address.

Had we not quickly act upon stopping the check Jetam2 would had his fraudulent way along with unrecoverable losses on our end, but also other operators in the industry would have been victimized by his fraudulent pattern.

Posted on December 14, 2012

This explanation of not paying out winnings is so ridiculous that's its hardly even worth responding to

If I was charging back credit cards (which I did not until the check bounced), why would you send me a check to me? The chargeback process is still ongoing and this casino to date, has refused to voluntarily send back over $1,000.00 in credit card charges after agreeing to send back the money. They are f just trying to confuse people.

Also, RichCasino has an overwhelming amount of complaints from other patrons all over the web complaining about issues of nonpayment. They do whatever it takes to avoid paying any winnings. Knowing how they operate now, this business is nothing more than a money laundering operation.

In addition, RichCasino's credibility is so low. The rating that this website gives it essentially calls them crooks.

Do not use Rich Casino, they will never payout any winnings!

Posted on December 17, 2012

Dear Askgamblers,

The check was issued to Jetam2 as an exception requested by our Management Team in good faith, only to later learn the true nature 0f his intentions. Exceptions like these are sometimes performed by our Management Team and many of our satisfied customers will differ with his false claims of none payment.

Jetam2 will clearly not acknowledge his fraudulent intentions and will continue to claim that he initiated the chargeback process, because a stop payment was placed on the check issued to him. However, as we have already stated in our previous post, the decision came after the fraud evidence was brought to our attention by our Security and Fraud Division.

Furthermore, Jetam2 has notified us that his financial institution has confirmed the refunds issued to his account. Nonetheless, his attempt to fraudulently benefit from the casino knows no limit, as we have recently received a settlement proposal in which he states that if Rich Casino agrees to pay him the amount of $1750.00, he will cease posting negative reviews and will retract the recent statements posted.

Because of the already fraud evidence and due to the fact that he is now aiming his focus on badmouthing and discrediting the casino with continuous false accusations, we request the closure of this complaint and ask that other operators in the gaming industry to be warned of this fraudulent player.


Rich Casino

Posted on December 17, 2012

So what?

I"ll be the first to admit I sent you a request to settle the matter. RichCasino stole $3,500.00 from me by sending me bounced checks and refusing to pay. The $1,750.00 was half of what you already owed. Lawyers, insurance companies, and people with legal issues settle matters like this all of the time. Where the hell have you been living?

But, that's fine. If you don't want to settle the matter, I will continue to report what happened to me, which is Rich Casino ripped me of $3,500.00.

I think settling the matter and accepting half of what you stole is an amicable settlement. Apparently, you don't think so. So do what you're going to do....



Posted on December 17, 2012

Dear Askgamblers,

We wish to further explain our previous post, to avoid any doubts and to assure you have the full info on this case.

The check was issued to Jetam2 as an exception payout requested by Management in a good faith and in order to ensure a smooth payout process for first payout requests, only to learn later his intentions were fraudulent.

The decision to cancel the check was only after the concrete fraud evidence brought to us by our security and fraud division.

The refund was completed as we clearly confirmed, we also have an evidence where Jetam2 notified us that his financial institution confirmed the refunds issued to his account.

Nonetheless his attempt to fraudulently benefit from the casino knows no limit, following a payout, a chargeback which he planned to dispute after the payout will hit his account, we now received this "settlement" proposal where if Rich Casino agrees to pay the amount of $1,750.00 he will cease posting negative reviews and retract the recent statements posted, as he clearly confirmed here he indeed sent it.

And this is his email to us:

"I have received confirmation from the credit card company that all of the funds were returned to the credit company, thank you for returning those funds. In addition, I am proposing a settlement to finally end this dispute. If RichCasino agrees to send me half of the amount of the winnings ($1750.00), I will consider the matter closed and will no longer post this terrible experience about nonpayment, bounced checks by your casino and fraud online and to gambling websites, and will retract such statements The choice is yours.

Please consider this matter seriously. I have been asked to provide the check that bounced to the gambling rating sites, they wish to publish it online. In addition, the constant negative reviews and bad publicity will continue to limit the traffic to your business. If you're not interested in settling this matter, please inform me accordingly."

John, following your recent email, it is not a settlement you proposed but a poor attempt to BLACKMAIL a casino site. Thus, we will cease any communication with you from this moment onwards and request AskGamblers to close this issue and warn others of your nature.

Furthermore, please note that you are now black listed on our entire network of sites, and we suggest to any other operator to do the same.

Your personal and credit card information will be shared on any fraud device available online in order to ensured this was the last time you fraudulent an online casino.


Rich Casino

Posted on December 17, 2012

Blackmail a casino site?

That's quite creative. Blackmailing is an illegal act. RichCasino is operating an illegal business in the United States. How would a patron attempt to balckmail an online casino operting illegally? You're ridiculous.

As far as the funds returned, these were the $1500.00 in credit card charges. RichCasino still owes $3,500.00 for refusing to pay winnings. That's all. RichCasino, you can attempt to twist the truth anyway you want. But the fact of the matter is, the chargebacks were initiated after the check you sent me bounced. Plain and simple.

Answer me this - why do you have so many complaints all over the web and crappy payout ratings from sites like this? You've never responded to that accusation....

Posted on December 17, 2012

Dear AskGamblers

Upon the creation of Jetam2 account, he agreed to our terms and conditions of which we take the opportunity to quote one:

“Before paying any winnings the player accepts a full security check to their casino account, Rich Casino has the right to investigate the player information… If the player fails to comply with any security request Rich Casino reserves the right to void any winnings and immediately close the online casino account and finally refund the amount of the original purchase to the funding option used to purchase credits to your online casino account.”

In light of the developments, fraudulent history, actions and behavior of Jetam2, it is clear that he is a fraudulent player with clear intentions to harm the casino. Based upon all the evidence along with his latest demanding/ blackmailing email, his account has been permanently closed, his deposits were refunded and no further communication will be held between Jetam2 and Rich Casino.

We request that this complaint will be closed and insist that other operators be warned as to Jetam2 real intentions.


Rich Casino

Posted on December 17, 2012

I don't care if Rich Casino communicates with me or not, I'll do all of the talking, and expose Rich Casino for what it really is - a fraud!

Fellow Gamblers, its clear that they are writing all of this about me to "save their reputation"

The facts are:

1.Rich Casino bounced a check to me with clearly no intention of paying out winnings. After the check wouldn't clear, I initiated a chargeback on the casino.

2.Rich Casino has an extensive number of complaints and will do anything to avoid paying out player winnings. Do not take my word for it. Go to the web - there are a great deal of complaints detailing the fraud RichCasino perpetrates on people. They have never once answered my question to them, which is:why do you have so many complaints for nonpayment of winnings ? Instead, they choose to call their customers fraud and refuse to pay out winnings, calling them chargeback thieves or words to that effect.

3. if it was a chargeback thief, why would Rich Casino send me a check?

RichCasino is so full of crap and they just want to avoid any discussion as to why they have so many complaints against their casino for nonpayment of winnings. Of course, they are running an illegal business in the first place, soliciting online gamblers from the United States which they know is illegal, but they want to be taken at their word now and continue to do it anyway. How ridiculous is that??? They just assume everyone's a fool......

4. RichCasino accepts real money but only issues monopoly money back. In other words, they do not issue player withdrawals with real money, only bounced checks!

5. Do not play at Rich Casino, you will never get any winnings paid out to you, ever! They refused to send me the $3,500.00 they owed from winnings. They just kept it and refused to pay. Rich Casino will never pay anyone! All they hope to do is to get USA players and hope they lose to keep their money. Of course, they are outside the jurisdiction of the United States, so they can't be prosecuted for fraud and theft. Don't play at Rich Casino, they are cheats!

Posted on December 18, 2012

Dear AskGamblers

As you know, Rich Casino has been in the business for many years based on transparency and honesty . We have numerous legitimate winning players with approved payouts on a daily basis, and all of these members are pleased with the efficiency of the payout process. Jetam2 experienced it as well, as his check was also delivered in a timely matter, yet we found ourselves forced to place a stop payment on the check to avoid been another victim on Jetam2’s list.

Same as in any other online sites its inevitable to receive complains from time to time, which we address each case to our best effort. Hence, further discussion besides the already presented facts and evidence are not relevant at this point and shall not be engaged with Jetam2 since his main core now is to discredit the casino as result of a failed robbery attempt.

< name removed >, intending to withdraw your winnings and chargeback the purchases is an act of theft and dishonesty. We remind you that it is your sole responsibility and discretion to choose where you play or for that matter commit fraud by disputing your purchases after withdrawing your winnings.


Rich Casino

Posted on December 18, 2012

RichCasino, please answer the following questions:

1. Why are there a great deal of complaints regarding issues of nonpayment with RichCasino all over the web?

2. Why are the independent ratings of this site and several othesr regarding RichCasino's payouts so low all over the web?

3. Why are you bouncing checks to your customers?

You speak of 'honesty" and several other characteristics of a quality organization, such as being in business for so many years. But, you are operating an illegal business to citizens of the United States, which, as you know is illegal. Your talk of honesty and integrity is pure bs.....

Do not play at Rich Casino! They will never pay you, it is a fraud/ripoff!

Posted on December 21, 2012

Dear askGambler,

From time to time every company in the industry will eventually have complaints and of course Rich Casino cannot be excluded, Nonetheless each are dealt with on a case by case basis.

We want to make it clear that the check issued was not bounced as Jetam2 claims, Yet the reason of return is “ Stop payment”, We hold prove of the stop payment placed on the check issued something that Jetam2 also can see clearly on his check yet continue to state the contrary.

Based upon Jetam2’s last post, it is clear that this is no longer a complaint to solve a particular issue, but yet a main focus on badmouthing and discrediting the Casino. Taking in consideration that he acknowledge and confirms the refunds issued to his account to be completed, a fail attempt to not only commit fraud by disputing his purchases but also a failed attempt to cheaply blackmail the casino, We once more ask that this complaint may be consider solved and a warning issued to all possible casino operators.


Rich Casino

Posted on December 21, 2012

RichCasino, its come to an unpleasant situation between both of us because you refuse to resolve the situation. An offer was made to you to pay 50% of the winnings (instead of 100%) that you were obligated to pay, and you still refused to negotiate anything. That is also what is being said about all of the other patrons you have defrauded all over the web. What's your response to those complaints? Are those patrons all thieves too?

If someone wins at your casino and requests a withdrawal, RichCasino just closes their account, calls them a thief, and cuts off all contact. That is what you did here.

It doesn't matter how you attempt to rationalize not honoring a check that you wrote (whether you stop payment or bounced a check), the check still did not clear. The teller informed me that there was no money in the account. That is why I initiated chargeback on my credit card.

How would you like it if someone attempted to rip you off like that?

Fellow gamblers - I have started a web site. Please go to www dot Richcasinoripoff dot com. You'll see the details. I will keep the website active until some negotiation is reached, if that ever happens.



Posted on January 1, 2013

Rich Casinohas not made any attempt to resolve anything, return any of the $3,500.00 they stole, or do anything in all.

Rich Casino is a fraud/con/ripoff. They will never pay any winnings. Do not use them under any circumstances.

Posted on July 30, 2014

Although player consider this case as unresolved, because of his winnings being not paid, he is also having fault in this situation with being abusive and aggressive with casino support staff as well as charging back his deposits. There's really nothing more we could do in this case and since we were informed by the casino management that player has been refunded accordingly, we consider this complaint as resolved.

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