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Rich Casino - Horrible Experience

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Rich Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount R 3000
Posted on November 26, 2018

My complain is very wrong please bear with me. I will summarize it with dates which are all for 2018.

26 Oct - Registered with Rich Casino and refused their welcome package of 25 free spins and 200% bonus

26 Oct - Deposited R140 and received R140 deposit bonus.

26 Oct - Deposited R300 and received R300 bonus

29 Oct - Received R66 cash back which when I asked they said it has no conditions and I could withdraw it. I had R1900 at the time. I played till I reached R2000. I submitted verification documents.

29 Oct - Deposited R140 and refused their bonus which then brought my balance to R2140.11.

31 Oct - I checked with live chat for my verification process and spoke with Curtis who told me that my verification failed because I submitted a bank statement as proof of residence and the casino does not allow a bank statement. Let me state that a bank ststement was included on required documents. I sent an email to complain but could not be helped. I tried to speak with someone else in live chat they told me the same thing and "advised me" to send another method of proof of residence but I told them I do not have a house and bills so bank statement was the only thing I could submit. They told me I wont be able to be verified. I then tried later for someone else on live chat ad found Ivy who helped me get verified no problem with the very same bank statement.

31 Oct - I withdrew R2000 which I got after wagering a R300 deposit bonus from 26 Oct.

Now I will take you to after withdrawal:

31 Oct - Deposited R200 refused the bonus.

31 Oct - Deposited R200 and got R350 bonus. I completed the wager with the balance of R1376.46.

31 Oct - Withdrew R1100 from the deposit bonus and left R203.46 which I believed was my money free of terms and conditions.

01 Nov - From R203.46 which was left last withdrawal, I made R600 which I withdrew and was left with R1.96 on my account.

02 Nov - my troubles began. I logged in and found that my withrawal was reversed and my balance was then R3896.10. I didnt receive any email that my withdrawal was reversed and reasons thereof. I went on live chat and I was told that it was reversed because I didnt verify my ecopayz account ID. I thought whatever... let me send my ecopayz statement. I withdrew R3700 and left R196.10.

02 Nov - I deposited R200 (still had some faith in the casino.) They gave me R50 bonus I refused it. I then reversed R3700 and withdrew R3000. (I thought it was my money and I could do with it as I pleased. Little did I know...

05 Nov - I got R111 cashback. I only had R0.30c at the time.

07 Nov- Reversed my withdrawal of R3000 voluntarily because my ecopayz account was put on temporary hold. I played with that R3000 and when it ws R4000 I was still having problems with ecopayz so I asked for alternative withdrawal methods rather that the ones mentioned. I was told about bitcoin wallet and how it worked so I remembered that I once had a Luno account so I withdrew the R4000 using bitcoin method. At this point my last deposit was on 02 Nov.

16 Nov - Checked withdrawal but found that it had been reversed. Reason.... I was told that I needed to deposit before withdrawing. 5 day window and all. I never got so angry and frustrated. I did not receive any correspondence notifying me about my reversed withdrawal I had to log in to see it.

16 Nov - Deposit R350 angrily but with hope that I'll be getting my R4000. At this point my ecopayz account was now in order. I withdrew R4000 to it.

22 Nov - I go on my account and find that finally, finally, finally my withdrawal is no longer pending. I go to my ecopayz account and see that rich casino paid R1000. Oh my goodness R1000 for what now??? I go to live chat and ask what now? Im told that the reason why I got R1000 was because I got my winnings from free chip. I then told that person that my winnings has originated from my deposit bonuses from 26 October then he tells to take it up with accounting. Not entertaining me at all.

I then went on my account under "reconcile" to check the free chip he was talking about. It then said "there are no reports on this day. When I reconcile the deposit bonuses they show meaning I got my winnings from meeting wagering requirements not the free chip he was talking about.

I made 3 separate withdrawals from 3 different things even though they were bundled up to one amount.

According to terms and conditions there are free chips, free spins and deposit bonus. Free spins have that R1000 maximum withdrawals and deposit bonus states that after wagering the money is yours so I would really like to know why was I given R1000 instead od R4000 and was told that my winnings were from the free chips when they werent.

I would also like to know why the live chat people are there if they dont want to assist people? I have played online casinos for a very long time and it is the first time I meet with such a casino, really. Their games are inviting but their customer service is horrid.

While I was waiting for my withdrawal I registered on Energy Casino. I got verified (still waiting for Rich Casino withdrawal) I withdrew to ecopayz and got it immediately, played again and witdrew again (still waiting for withdrawal from Rich casino). Its not alright.

Even the casino that looks like it "Box24 Casino, verified me very fast abd have great customer service. Im am angry, dissatisfied and have lost all the faith I had on Rich Casino.

Posted on November 28, 2018


Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.

Please note that we have looked into it and another payment of R2000 has been issued today, so the funds should reach your Ecopayz account as soon as possible.

Regarding the total cashable amount, please note that the initial R2000 withdrawal request that you have made was issued from a deposit bonus, therefore it was cashable for the entire amount. However, the rest of winnings on your account were issued from a free chip, and this is the reason why only R1000 were approved.

This means that the total amount that has been approved for your account is R3000 and the final R2000 payment will reach your account today.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you and know that we are at your full disposal should you need help with anything at all or any other information.

Kind regards,
The Rich Casino Team

Posted on November 28, 2018

Dear @Tshadee,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on November 28, 2018

Dear AskGamblers

I checked my Ecopayz account just now and it has been credited with R2000 as Rich Casino stated. Thank you Rich casino for attending to my complaint and rectifying the mistake. It has soothed my heart a bit. Maybe one day I'll be back. AskGamblers, you can close my file. Thank you for the platform.☺

Posted on November 28, 2018

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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