Rich Casino - Unjustified wagering added to my cashback

indumati United States
posted on May 16, 2015.

i was told during deposit that cash back has no wager. 1st ur representative recommended me bonus but i told later that i play only table games and as table games especially blackjack contribution is only 2.5% in wagering so they told me to go with a cash back deal. they told me that cash back has no wagering and it is fully withdrawable. but when i lost my deposited money i got my 200usd cash back but now they r saying i cant withdraw it because it carries 5x wager. during deposit they told me cash back can be withdrawn any time and it has no wager but now changing words. following is mail from rich casino: You have just received a Cash Back Bonus in your account and the value will reflect in your real money balance when you open to play. Please enjoy it and good luck!!

Please remember that the Cash Back Bonus is a real money reward and a gesture of our appreciation for your loyal support. This bonus reflects real money and can be used to play in any game at the casino or can be withdrawn at any time. This is just like at the real casino and reflects real money value!
in this mail it is clearly written my balance is withdrawable. its a request to u rich casino please allow me to withdraw by removing the wager. my friend chandrasekhar reddy wanted to deposit 250usd in ur casino because i told him about ur best graphics lobby and representative quality. he asked me about ur cash back deal. what can i tell him and to my other friends who want to join and play in ur casino? i told him i will tell him a good cash back deal to deposit with he is asking me whether it is withdrawable or not. i am unanswerable now. hope u understand my concern. i will still say ur casino is good because always i got positive response from u. this is first time i am stuck up with .please help

posted on May 19, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

Thank you for bringing this case to our attention.

We would like to underline the fact that, unless clearly specified otherwise, cash back deals have no wagering attached.
Furthermore, Rich Casino would like to add that every offer can be claimed within the specified time frame.

Rich Casino apologizes for the misunderstanding and informs indumati that things have been straighten out.

We tried to contact indumati by phone to inform him about the above mentioned but without success.

An email has also been sent and we kindly ask indumati to let us know if it has been received or contact us directly for any inquires that may present.

Rich Casino Team.

indumati United States
posted on May 20, 2015.

thanx a lot to rich casino team. i read ur mail as expeced got a positive support from u. thanx a lot for keeping ur promise. askgamblers team consider this complaint as resolved