Club World Casino - Progressive Jackpot Won Only To Be Told It Was a Human Error

posted on July 31, 2015.

Although I like this casino I recentrntly won progressive of $79k on spirit of inca. I was told by club world chat congrats on my winnings and it is standard procedure to wait 3 days to confirm. I started to contact club world and was inform over the phone that it was an error and RTG would be sending a letter. I was told by my VIP manager that RTG was testing the machines progressive jackpots and the person who does this did it on the live progressive instead of the one he was suppose to do it on. I was of course very upset, especially because when I won I immediately went to live chat to confirm. As I said they were very happy for me; so hearing now it was an error seemed fishy.
The amount that was flashes on the screen was $79,247, but the letter from RTG stated that I could not have won because it shows $175,000 winnings and I was betting only .50 cents. I was aware of what I was betting and what I could potentionaly win. It did not flash $175k. The letter goes on to say that it was a human error that cause the jackpot to trigger, and told me to reveiw #8 of terms and conditions, which I did. It states jackpots are void is the machine malfunctions, but this was not a machine error it was a human error. I would like to get some help resolving this issue. I can send you all emails and letters if that will help. Thank you in advance
Kathleen Connors

posted on August 3, 2015.

Hi Kathleen, I know this was a very unfortunate situation and we really do sympathise with the position you found yourself in. All we can really do on this occasion is pass on our sincere apologies and refer you back to the letter you were sent from RTG to explain the situation.

Yes there was human error in this case, however due to that human error the machine malfunctioned multiple times in a matter of seconds on June 16th 2015. This is an isolated incident and we sent you a gesture of good will to try and help soften the blow.

You have our word that the incident was investigated thoroughly and RTG have apologised directly to you and have added additional security measures to ensure that this situation does not happen again. I believe the team at ClubWorld have also been in regular contact with you since this happened and we've done our best to help resolve this issue.

We're happy to work with AskGamblers and provide anything that they require to help resolve this complaint. Will await communication from AskGamblers on how they wish to proceed.

posted on August 7, 2015.

Any news?

posted on August 10, 2015.

Anything further you need from us? We've had no update from the player in reply to the above. I did forget to mention that the player was compensated a gesture of good will from ClubWorld for the error caused from within RTG.

posted on August 10, 2015.

Well... I believe that Club World did what they could. When the Jackpot hit all of the chat associates also believed that i won. I feel the fault is with RTG. It is unfortunate that they do not honor such a situation. If i was in Vegas and won they would not be able to say it was a "malfunction." Unless you can help with RTG i will close the case with Club World. Thanks

posted on August 10, 2015.

Before closing this case, we would like to clarify a couple of very important moments concerning this issue.

1/ It is now clear that the same issue, concerning the same game and software provider, has been already reported by another player. More info here - http:/­/ww­w.a­skg­amb­ler­s.c­om/­cas­ino­-co­mpl­ain­ts/­non­-pa­yme­nt-­of-­jackpot

2/ Hastings International B.V., the company owner of Real Time Gaming /RTG/ issued an official statement where it was stated that it was a 'human error' which caused the aforementioned jackpots triggering across multiple casino brands using that software. The company then refused to verify and accept the triggering of these progressive jackpots as valid, because of the specified human error. All wins were void due to term #8 or RTG terms and conditions - Malfunction of any game voids all plays and pays.

3/ The submitter of this complaint has been offered a compensation for all the inconveniences caused which was later accepted.

Based on all the above, we consider this case as resolved and it is now officially closed.