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Club World Casino - My account and was closed and money confiscated

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Club World Casino
Reason Account closure
Posted on November 25, 2014

Im very dissapointed with this casino, and their ignorant staff which dont want to reply your answer but they rather change the topic on something unuseful.

So there is my problem:

I registered to Club world casino and used their no deposit bonus, i was playing i had some luck and did wagger bonus money enough times to make withdraw(300$). Later i realized maximum cashout from this bonus is 150$ but thats not important.

I made withdraw request, then i talked with support on live chat, and here it goes:

operater asked me if im still a student.
Im only 18 years old full employed person, but its not long time i did end my school, so i accidentaly said yes.

My account was freezed in 2 seconds after that.
I told to support that was mistake, and how can i reopen my account.

He said me to write to a casino cashier service so i did
I explain them my situation, i send them pictures of my documents( for verification)
I send them a picture of document which is total proof i am not student anymore.
I even send them my JOB CONTRACT for 2 years full employment.
If they would ask i can send them even more documents for proof
But problem is they dont want to!!
They ignore me, dont want to help me with nothing all they answer to me is copy/paste
chat when operater ask me if im student
and i said yes. Its not the problem about the money, i wont get rich or die from 300$ but the problem is because I CAN PROVE 1000% that i am not a student, but they still dont want cooperate with me.

Im very dissapointed with this casino, i expect this problem to be resolved!!

Posted on November 17, 2014

Hi Cedinko11,

I have just gone through the chat transcripts and you did clearly state on more than once occasion you were a student in education, once you realised you had breached a term you changed your mind. Unfortunately we have to take the first answer.

With your permission I would be happy to share the chat with Askgamblers privately and let them mediate on this one. As you know I cannot post the chat here due to data protection.

The casino's decision is final on this one.

Posted on November 17, 2014

I answered wrong only one time im 100% sure.

It doesnt even make any sense anymore, because you are repeating same thing all the time to me(that you have to take the first answer blablabla...)

Im just a human and everyone make mistake by time to time, i accidentaly said yes when i should say no.
That wrong answer cost me 150$ and i can't talk about nothing with CWC staff because you dont even try to solve any problem!
Even if it is obivous im not a student anymore, i send you the documents which prove that, or if maybe you are still not sure i can give you even more documents which says i ended my education, and documents which say im full-time employed person.

But it still has no sense at all because CWC ignorant staff will ignore me anyway and almost copy/paste every answer that you give to me.

My opinion is that this casino have very very too much problems with withdrawals(if you explore on web a little)
And i do not reccomend it to anyone, because there is lot of chances they will refuse your withdrawal, or as i see in other complaints a lot of people waiting weeks and weeks to get their withdrawal accepted.

I wont die because of 150$, you wont get rich anyway
But you lost all my respect, and i hope a lot of people will check complains of casino before they even register.

I still doesnt give up about my money withdrawing, i will try any possible way to get what is mine and you cant stop me anyway.

Casino decision is final one? Pff... you are just a company you cant make decision about other people money just by yourself, dont you think so?
There is service called LAW to get this things done and make a final decision, not you.

All you are possible to do is to tell your opinion, but not to make any decision which can harm others people life.

Posted on November 20, 2014

Once again, I am willing to share the chat with AskGamblers with your permission.

I believe this shows enough evidence to show you were willing to say what you had to, to get paid. At first you said you were a student, then questioned what would happen if you weren't.


Posted on November 20, 2014

We got a transcript from the casino. Player clearly stated multiple times that he is a student, you can study and work in the same time, but you are student never the less. In the T&C of the casino is clearly stated that students can't play in their casino. We consider this complaint resolved.

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