KingPlayer Casino - Won't Pay 25,000 EUR

posted on June 24, 2015.

I played there of the first time and deposited 300 to receive 300 bonus. I followed the rules and managed to win 25,000 EUR.

They ignored me when I asked for the log file of my gameplay and since they closed my account as a punishment for their slots payout I can't access it. It is simply a punishment to me for their slots to pay big, I am to blame according to the logic of Kingplayer Casino.

I have to use my memory in describing how I played. The big win came from King of Chicago 10 EUR a spin and couple of more moderate wins came from Dead or Alive 9 a spin.

They sent the following letter saying 2 things

1. you abused our bonus. this clause I can prove myself to show anybody that no bonus abuse was made. I didn't change the bet size and completed the wagering requirement, I played by the rule on allowed games only. It can be easily proved by me that they are lying by saying that I abused their bonus, very clear lie to blame me for their own slots big payout.

2. The other claim I can't prove myself, but they have to show proof to what they say. They accuse other of playing like me or something like that. I have no way to respond to these claims other than asking them to show proof for their claim. Who played and how and rest of info I somply don't have. Other words I believe they lie also about the second claim, exactly as they lie about the first claim. If they had one true thing to say they wouldn't mentioned the and and and and and~

The fact they ignored me when I asked for the log to build my case also shows a lot about this firm.

Hugo ,
We have investigating your playing patterns based on your most recent casino account deposit and
found a clear pattern of bonus abuse, that is in breach of our Terms & Conditions. More evidently
due to the fact that we have experienced identical patterns in other users depositing within the same
limited timeframe as you deposited. This includes, but is not limited to, betting and game selection.
In order to be able to offer great value promotions to our casino players, needs to
take actions when we experience unmistakable cases of bonus abuse, as we consequently state both
in the casino section of our site wide Terms & Conditions, and more specifically in the Terms &
Conditions for the deposit bonus in question, we will recover bonuses and subsequent winnings from
those bonuses, in the cases where the player is in breach of Terms & Conditions

posted on June 27, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

posted on June 29, 2015.

No update from King Player