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Jackpot City Casino Would Not Pay My Winnings!

posted on June 21, 2012.

Your Dispute

I wish to inform you I found this casino via an affiliate and decided to open my first account. After I saw they are offering a bonus for my first and second deposit I decided to claim it and take my chance . I played my favorite slot game and got very lucky that day and won 7010 euro . After I checked the bonus meter in the casino below and saw I'm allowed to withdraw my winning, I withdrawed it back to my neteller account. Jackpotcity casino paid me 2500 euro out of my total withrawal of 7010. I expected to be paid with the rest of my winnings, but I got the following surprising email from their support : Hello George, Thanks for your reply. Your first taking paid online accounts as identified thereafter. Sorry, but the Investigation Department of our assured me that there is no error. Subsequent deposits will not be paid and the account will be closedduring the management decision of the casino. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoy at least theprofits from your first withdrawal. I wish you good weekend. Lefteris JackpotCity I could not understand why they reached such an absured decision about my fair winnings and paid only part of my withdrawal , unless they can not afford to pay high winnings to players and they should be in some kind of warning list to warn other players not to risk their money in this casino. I wish to be clear I played with my money and got the free spin in their slots game and by that I reached high winnings, pure luck !!! This casino can't just come up with unreal FALSE escuse just to avoid my fair winnings. I hope your help to me will make them to pay me the rest of my lucky winnings thank you

posted on July 23, 2012.

Hello Askgamblers!

this no replay from the casino prove every one that jackpot city treat is players nasty and this casino are evil!

no reason not to pay my fair winnings!

shame on the Casino!

Georgios Tzelepis

posted on August 8, 2012.

Consistent with all online casinos we have Terms and Conditions linked to all our promotions. These are available to and accepted by players prior to claiming their offers. We implement these to protect both the casino and our clients. We strive to be a casino where we offer appealing promotions to bring our players the best possible playing experience, but we do need to protect ourselves against those players who come to the casino, not for the interest of entertainment, but to simply abuse our promotions.

The client was linked via a Unique Identifier to 5 other players, thereby not only showing the use of a single machine by multiple aliases, but the behavior across these accounts was identical. This indicates willful abuse of the bonuses granted. This speaks directly to our terms of bonus abuse. The relevant term applies, which the client agreed to when claiming for the bonus:

“If you open multiple accounts you will not be eligible for the Sign-Up Bonus on each account. This and any other Sign-Up Bonus/es are only available once per Player and/or per environment where computers are shared and/or per email address.”

Normally in circumstances such as this, the client is reimbursed his full purchase amount, which we believe is a fair settlement considering the bonus abuse and leaves the client in no worse a position than at the start of his session. In this case the amount reimbursed would have been €500 as this was the value of his deposits. However in this instance the client was paid an amount of €2,500 before the link to the other players playing on the same machine was picked up.

We as the casino stand by our decision not to pay the remainder of the withdrawals, a decision which has been backed up by the Gambling Regulator. We have and will always strive to provide a positive gaming environment for those players interested in entertainment

We trust you find in order.

Kind regards,

Casino Management 

posted on August 13, 2012.

 Does this explanation satisfy the player?

posted on August 13, 2012.


this answer not satisfy me at all.

i am legitimate player for many many years,they did not give any proof that i did something bad,i play from internet cafe and that's allowed,i can't control who plays from there as well.

and if i did something worng why did the casino pay me first cash-in of 2500 euro?

posted on October 22, 2012.

Jackpot city not paying winnings!

everyone should know not play there anymore,making ridiculous excuse not pay winnings.