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iGame Casino - Deposit still not credited after two weeks of waiting

Complaint Info
Disputed casino iGame Casino
Reason Amount not credited
Amount € 100
Posted on November 28, 2018

I deposit 100e to the casino in stream with 100+ viewers. I had a block by my bank that I cannot use money from my card anymore for that day so the deposit went on pending. When it left the pending state a few days later and the 100 euros was directed to the casino I go on my account to see the money is not there. It left from my bank account but didn't make it to my game account. I contacted the support which said they were sorry and are working to fix the situation. They then asked for a receipt of the deposit I made and ofcourse I gave it to them. So I gave them a receipt straight from my bank that shows I deposit 100e on their casino but they see my casino balance is still 0. They then thanked for the document and said I need to wait for them to get some more info from the bank and fix the situation. I waited and waited until I got unpatient after 2 weeks of waiting. I contacted them multiple times in that time period actually, and the answer was always just wait. Now they contacted and wanted my account information from the past 2 weeks, which I did not send because they don't need it. All they should need is something to prove that I definitely deposited 100e and it left from my bank account and didn't get on my casino balance which I delivered. Now I'm left without the 100 euros and they insist me sending them all of my bank traffic in the past 2 weeks. Why would they need it when it has nothing to do with the deposit? I asked them why and they just said they need to verify that the money was paid from my account and didn't appear on my casino balance which I have already proved with the picture from before. I've never had problems with this casino, but I am definitely not depositing here anymore. As you see from the attachments, the money left from my account 19.11 but never came to my account.

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