Extremely Ticked Off

posted on June 24, 2011.

I joined this casino last month based upon the positive reviews and the casino's accredited status. I requested my cashout June 10 which has been confirmed as approved. It has been two weeks now. I've been given every excuse under the sun from ACH processor has had issues, your money's in transit, it'll be there any day now bla bla f'n bla. I have seen some complaints in which people have waited for upto a month. This is simply unacceptable. This casino took my money fair and square and they should pay up fair and square.

I have accepted the fact that I will most likely not see anything from these pricks and play at live casino's in Vegas now which I'm happy to report actually pays out! I'm bitterly disappointed with Club World USA. I want to know what (if any) legal rights I have to pursue this issue STAT. I'm fed up with getting taken advantage of and it's time for someone to pay!

posted on February 25, 2014.


Just to confirm, the payment was processed and was subject to some delays due to problems with the processing banks.

However, the player did receive the withdrawal in question, and a further withdrawal when they won again whilst playing a week later.

As far as the casino is concerned this complaint may be closed unless the original poster wants to add more.



posted on March 12, 2014.

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