Club World Casino Ripped Me Off

mariasam United States
posted on December 24, 2014.

I have been playing at club world casino since 2012. On December 13, 2014, I won $200 and for the first time, I decided to cash out.

A few days later, i received an email from them saying that i have an unverified credit card with them that i had used 3 months before. The card in question was a PayPal card which i no longer had and the card I paid with at the time of winning was my regular bank card which I always use and they have my record on file.
i explained this to them, but they said unless i produce that card, they will not pay me.

lucky for me, i had another PayPal card with same number for my wife. I sent them front and back copy of card with my wife ID card. But still they refuse to pay me. Even thought i have lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars with them and never asked for charge back.

Today I got an email saying my account has been closed

Upon doing a little research online, i have found hundreds of other users complaining of the same issues, with many on your site.

I suggest you black list this casino and all their other casinos. Don't give them the chance to ripoff other players

posted on December 29, 2014.

Hi sorry for the delay in response.

There are a few issues here that I can see which caused you the problems. I can see that you've been very abusive to staff and made a few accusations that are far from the truth.

I can see that a refund has been made on your account and the documents you provided were in your wife's name but the details on the account are in your name. We always block credit cards that are in use and not in the account holders name until we can verify the account.

The requested documentation was received however it was edited and further documentation was requested.

I am sorry that you feel you have been unfairly treated but we have to stick to the rules of the casino, rules which are in the players best interests, especially when it comes to account security.

With your permission and if you want AskGamblers to mediate, I am happy to pass on the chats that you've had with our support team and the emails sent and received. Please state here if you wish for us to do this so we can go through the issues with AskGamblers to resolve this complaint.

posted on January 2, 2015.

Can you please give your permission to the casino to share chats and email that you have with them.