Casino on net stole 720,128.98 from brian

posted on September 13, 2013.

They told me there software screwed up and it paid hem $49,000 for every win and it was only supposed to pay h $em1500.00 for each win! ok I told Mr. Ori D. at casino on net he told him To let he says his game history which they refuse to this day to give hem he contacted Ronald Maginley Directorate of offshore Gaming he told hem they are opening this case on casino on net for possible fraud charges.I try to reach casino on net but all he get is email's saying they can not discuss this matter and that they have turn this over to there lawyers so he ask them for there lawyers email or phone # so he can discuss this with them they tell hem to contact support and around hi h same thing everytime with no closure h is also contacted Ernest Gomez in Gibraltar where casino on net now resides he Won't do anything he think he's paid off too (casino on net) address is suite 601-701 Europort Gibraltar if anyone wants to know. I will keep all who wants know posted about what Happens to Casino On net all I know Is these people are Thiefs and should Go to jail!!all I got from casino on net was $1500.00 and it took 2 months for that if anyone wants proof of anything mention above drop me a line. thanks for listening, kristin