Casino Lunch - No Payment for 3 months!

posted on October 19, 2013.


Mi-July 2013 i registered to this casino. I asked for a withdrawal for 1000 euros.

I sent by email several times the verification documents but no answer.

They don't answer email or phone call. The live chat doesn't work.

A month later, they cancelled the withdrawal. I managed to get their skype id.

We chatted on skype and i've the resent the documents. They were checked and i was promised to get my payment by the following week.

I kept on answering what's going on via skype, they said their bank had a problem but i shouldn't worry. They later proposed to refund me if i sent my bank account history...(see mail4.jpg and mail5.jpg)

They told me that things would work better if i stopped harrassing them. So i left them alone for a month.

And now they don't answer my skype messages, i think they blocked me.

You can see attached :

- the latest skype conversations (with myself!!!). I couldn't find the earliest since it's been more than 30 days.

- a screenshot of my withdrawal history in the casino

- the unanswered mails i've sent

Withdrawal request 18408484 is the first withdrawal i asked for

Withdrawal request 19888126 is the withdrawal i re-asked since they cancelled the first one

I am desperate

You can contact me if you nee further information.

Thank you for your precious help

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