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bwin Casino - Declined withdrawal & Unjustified account closure

Complaint Info
Disputed casino bwin Casino
Reason Account closure
Amount $ 30000
Posted on September 7, 2018

Hi there, I am sorry if my English isn't very good. It's because I'm a French Canadian citizen from the Quebec State. Thanks for your kindly understanding about that! So, the July 29th 2018, I won more than 30,000$ on FireDrake II Slot and Enchanted Spells Slot. Please note that my ID Card, proof of address and banking details were already verified. However, the July 31th 2018, my account has been suspended by their Operations Team. I had to wait until the August 7th, to receive the reasons of the account closure. They said that my Electronic Transfer deposits were declined due to a payment opposition. Well, it's funny, cauz' at the very moment that I won a first jackpot, I didn't believe it. I was convinced that something will happen. Like an account closure or a withdrawal problem. Because between you and me, all the casinos aren't happy to have to pay such huge amounts. It's crazy how sometimes the human instinc is powerful?! ;) Then, after pressuring their Customer Service, the operations department asked me for an official letter from my bank provider. After 27 days of processing, I finally got this statement, which confirms that I never had requested a payment opposition since the year 2015, and then, that it was an insurance company. I am now waiting for their final decision. But I really think that they ''stretch the sauce as much as possible'', and that they will do everything to not have to pay me. And the most wacky and illogical in all this, it's why would I have made a transaction dispute, while I won a lot? Why??? BWIN CASINO --> please be informed that I will fight until the end. I won't hesitate to use the courts, if the need arises. These are not threats. It's only some imminent actions. But before, I'd like to settled it in the calm and the respect. So please act accordingly and don't make me wait for your final decision. ONLINE PLAYERS --> Well, it's your personal choice. But I strongly suggest you to avoid this casino, and all the other affiliated ones. Yours faithfully, < personal info removed >, Canadian Online Gambler.

Posted on September 10, 2018

Bwin Casino Team,
Just to let you know that you have only 11 hours remaining to respond.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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