bwin Casino allowed deposits more than the deposit limit

stevenhp United Kingdom
posted on May 20, 2013.


I had a £50 monthly deposit limit setup with BWin.

On 02-Apr-2013, in the evening, I requested this limit be raised. Their terms and conditions at the time specified a 7 day waiting period for increases in the limit, something I was more than happy about.

Before the end of the 7 day waiting period (for which the £50 should still be in effect) I had deposited a total of £5,700 (and withdrawn the remainder £223) and self-excluded my account.

Therefore I had deposited £5,650 more than my deposit limit. £223 was what was left after losing this all, I am therefore £5,427 (£5,700 - £50 limit - £223 withdrawn) worse off than I should be giving that I was still under a £50 limit until the evening of 09-Apr-2013 as per their responsible gambling policy.

I note that since my complaint they have updated their policy to state a 24 hour waiting period. I still have screenshots of the policy stating 7 days as taken on 10-Apr-2013.

BWin ignored my complaint with the following reason: "We once again advise that we cannot offer any refund since the information about the limits is provided on the self-limitation page as well as in our FAQs which are integral part of the terms and conditions, as stated in the terms and conditions themselves."

What I don't understand, is that at the time the information provided about the limit meant I could not deposit this £5,700, but only £50. I asked BWin for further clarification, but got no response.

Likewise, I asked for the exact time I requested deposit limit to be raised, with no response.

Giving that BWin failed to correctly enforce the £50 limit on my account for the full 7 day waiting period, they broke their responsible gambling guidelines and should refund me the £5,427 (which is the amount deposited minus the amount withdraw, minus the £50 limit) - effectively meaning BWin only rightfully keeps the £50 as per my deposit limit.