bwin Casino - Bruce lee slot freezes upon bonus trigger

posted on November 3, 2015.

I was playing in their casino and had multpile bonus rounds on raging rhino and everything worked fine. Changed game to Bruce lee and got three chests fore the bonus round and the game just stopped and frooze. I reload and it says "you have an uncompleted game" and it respins the chest and same thing happens.. Tried 3 browsers nothing... My balance is tied to the game so i could not play further on any other game. I contact the casino by phone and they tell me technical departemnt will handle it. Today i log in and check the game and my balance was resett to the amount i had before the spin with the chests. Basicly my bonus round was gone... I tought F it.. Continue to play and then i get 3 chests again and the same thing happens game freezes.. They seam unresponsive via mail and i have wasted enough money calling them so im submitting a complaint here instead. The game is obviously not working right... I have a 2500 euro macbook pro, so its not my computer and this game works fine in all other casinos. I have screenshoted both cases with the spin ID. I would like the casino to check with the game provider(WMS) and credit me the amount these two bonus rounds should have paid. If this cannot be done i want my deposit refunded and my account closed. I gotta say this is by far the worst i have ever seen gambling online.. You do not respond to mail so people gotta call your expensive number.. I prolly wasted 10 euros calling you.

posted on November 4, 2015.

https:­//y­out­u.b­e/O­Ltd­AQH3Wmg here is a video showing what happens. This is from the last one, i didd not record the first time it happened.

posted on November 7, 2015.

I would just like to add, that my whole balance is still locked to the unfinished spin, and i tried contacting support again, but they are very rude and seam annoyed that i keep asking them about this problem.

One would expect such matters to be resloved asap. As most casinos fix things like this instantly or within hours or atleast a day.