Flamantis Casino - Bonus Not Credited & Support Been Misleading

posted on April 4, 2016.

Before making my deposit at Flamantis Casino I first spoke with the live Chat agent to make sure everything was going to run smooth. So after speaking with Gustav I was told that the bonus code FL15A1 was fine to use. So I went ahead and deposited using the code FL15A1, however I was not credited the bonus so I immediately typed back to Gustav and told him that I entered the bonus code when making my deposit however the bonus wasn't added.

I was then told the following by Gustav.

"Please be informed that the mentioned offer is welcome casino bonus and could not be combined with other welcome bonuses"
"Sorry for the misleading, however what I can credit you now is 50% reload bonus"

I couldn't believe what I was reading and after speaking with Gustav I quickly realized that he had no intention of helping anyone.

He tells me that he can add a 50% reload bonus, that's the best he can do. I'm thinking to myself that is a joke, I have received an email just a few hours ago with the bonus code F10F which is atleast 100% reload bonus. This guy tells me that the 150% reload + 50 free spins is eligible so I make the deposit and he says "Sorry for misleading you I can give you 50%". And on top of that there live chat facility just goes offline it currently says Live Chat 15:00 - 23:30 CET. When you are on the website www.flamantis.com however it's only just gone 23:30 CET and I haven't been able to contact them for the last 50 minutes.

I have a copy of the chat transcript, be aware of this casino. Seems that they can't even hold up what they say and are unreasonable soon as they have your money.


Chat transcript from 04/05/2016
Lisa Murray (07:19:22): Hi there I am just wondering if the bonus code FL15A1 is eligible for my 2nd deposit
Gustav (07:20:11): This code is usable only one time
Lisa Murray (07:22:32): I didn't use this code on my first deposit
Gustav (07:23:28): Yes, you are free to claim the bonus
Lisa Murray (07:30:33): I just deposited and used the code
Lisa Murray (07:30:43): No bonus added
Lisa Murray (07:33:24): Still there?
Gustav (07:33:58): Yes, I was checking
Gustav (07:35:01): Please be informed that the mentioned offer is welcome casino bonus and could not be combined with other welcome bonuses
Gustav (07:35:55): Sorry for the misleading, however what I can credit you now is 50% reload bonus
Gustav (07:36:10): Do you want me to proceed with this bonus?
Lisa Murray (07:36:18): I asked if the code was valid
Lisa Murray (07:36:28): So you have to credit it really
Lisa Murray (07:36:35): I was very specific
Lisa Murray (07:37:22): After I explained everything you still told me the code was valid
Gustav (07:38:19): This was the reason, why the system didn't accept the code - is a welcome bonus
Lisa Murray (07:38:51): Look Gustav, I asked you if the code was valid
Lisa Murray (07:39:02): I told you I had made my first deposit already
Gustav (07:39:10): Is partly my fold.. I'm really sorry for that, however is clearly stated - welcome bonus
Lisa Murray (07:39:41): Welcome bonus can mean the first deposit, the first 2 deposits, the first 5 deposits
Gustav (07:39:52): Yes, and even if you already made your deposit, you can still use the code and claim the bonus, however you didn't just make your first deposiut - you already claimed your first deposit bonus
Lisa Murray (07:39:53): This is why I asked you
Lisa Murray (07:40:14): I'm not gonna continue to argue
Lisa Murray (07:40:38): If you think you can mislead customers and make them deposit, well that's against the law
Gustav (07:40:38): Do you want me to credit you 50% Reload Bonus?

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posted on April 6, 2016.

Hello JadeKKK,

I already checked your case and from what I understood our Customer support already took care of it.. Due to them you have agreed with the circumstances and you were added with a 100% bonus which you already played.

Can you please confirm to me that this misunderstanding was solved now!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Flamantis team

posted on April 6, 2016.

Hi there,

Yes I was credited with a 100% bonus match for my deposit after dealing with several people and waiting quite some time. I guess 100% match is better than nothing. Still I should never have been told that the 150% match + 50 free spins bonus code was eligible when I contacted support prior to making the deposit. And if anything you should be crediting me extra for the drama I've had to deal with when I was very specific to support, explaining that I had already made 1 deposit and that I wanted to know if this code was available. Anyway all good.

posted on April 7, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation

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