Casino On Net - Bonus expired whilst account being left frozen from them purposely

posted on June 26, 2015.

Hi , I opened a casino on net net account and recieved the welcome bonus and managed to win 5000gbp. Happy days. My account was duly suspended and I was asked for Notarized I.d before Ive even wagered or withdrew. I know bonuses have expiry date so wasnt worried, and this was to be 25th June I was told. Anyway due to getting notarized documents done and work committments havent played much. Anyway the notarized documents were verifed the account was open and I have been meaning to wager and withdraw etc. I was wagering it the other day and was almost done when I thought Id double check what the exact amount left was when I was frozen out again and again asked for NOTARIZED documents. I emailed the pictures I had taken before and brought to there attention they had these. The following day still suspended and I called up to be told the bonus and all money has now been removed? SHOCKING!! Surely this casino error is not fair play? In a gesture of good will they have put my 300gbp back in and 300bonus but this is someway of what I was on prior to being thrown out AGAIN.
PLEASE HELP guys , its impossible to complete wagering when your thrown out an acc hey , requesting documents they have had for months and verifed.