bwin Casino - A glitch in Spartacus free games has basically frozen my account.

leenyA United Kingdom
posted on December 1, 2015.

I registered yesterday and played for a while until I lost everything, After second deposit, I was able to win something and made around 100£ from my 20£ deposit. This morning I started playing different games until I re-discovered Spartacus. I won some more and got free games when I had 132£ on my account and the games freezes every time I open it. I tried Chrome, Mozilla and MS Edge and the game just freezes when the free games loads.

Also, i have the same problem as others - my balance is tied to in-game progress and basically my account and winnings are frozen until this glitch is solved.

leenyA United Kingdom
posted on December 2, 2015.

Okay, let's say I am very unsatisfied.
First of all - the money is back in my account, though there was no free spins for me. I believe I would have won at lest 20-30£ but that's no problem.
The problem with this casino - customer support. I uploaded my ID to verify my account as soon as it was requested by email. Now 2 days has passed and and I received warning email saying that I have only one day remaining to verify my account. It seems like everyone is having a big party at the office as I haven't received any replies to my emails and "contact us" forms.
I will see how this ends - if they are not improving the quality of their customer service, I will fill a complaint in eCOGRA and let them deal with this problem.