Rich Casino - 4400 euro missing from my account, support refuse to help

Giulia Cliselli South Africa
posted on November 11, 2015.

A few days ago, I played for less then 30 minutes around 12.30 / 13.00 Johannesburg time and my balance was 3400 Euro plus 2000 Euro that I had on the Live Dealer BlackJack. A few hours later when I connected again, I saw that my balance had dramatically decreased to a total of 1007 Euro. Also, as soon that I have opened the Live Blackjack, I discovered that the balance of 2000 Euro was also missing.

As soon that I finish playing, as usual, I turned off my PC.
In order to not confuse their system, since I am mostly travelling, I do always play from my PC, which therefore is the only device that has direct access to the Rich Casino webpage.

I spoke with a few guys of the live support asking help, checking if anyone of them could be able to fix the issue. But they had no clue about what happened. Therefore I have asked them to send me my whole gambling history, starting from the day of my first deposit which was 2 weeks ago.

Robert, from the live chat suggested me to contact the support via e-mail, detailing to them what occurred. While Doris, also from the live help, told me that I played them all. Beside being absolutely unhelpful she also jokes on the fact that "money cannot just disappear" and that it was my responsibility if the 4400€ was not there anymore. When asking her to show me the whole gambling history, she redirected me to the reports section in order to check it but, guess what? The history was not there! When I started insisting about being entitled to know what was going on with my cash, she just asked me if I wanted to deposit more and get a 500%bonus! Can you believe it? After her irritating up-selling proposal I kept complaining about my money loss, but ... the super helpful Doris magically disappeared from the chat.

I wrote to suppor­[email protected]­ich­cas­, but NO ANSWER so far. ( Support Ticket Opened [#CSR2360150])

I contacted the hot line many times, but as happen with Doris, after that I have explain the operator my story, the line magically fall or they simply don't pick up the phone.

Honestly I am reading so many complaints about this casino, that the shame is not only on them and their poor support system, but on me that I didn't get enough information before depositing my money into a fraudulent gambling like Rich Casino.

What I am asking is the following: get the 4400€ back on my account and I request RC to send to me my whole gambling history starting from the first day I deposited the money to my account up to date.

Thank you ask-gamblers for your really efficient work and support.


posted on November 12, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Due to privacy concerns and regulations we are unable to provide the player with detailed game logs or details regarding their balance on this platform, however please note that we have sent fb_10153269851562898 a detailed e-mail with all the requested information: game logs, balance history and detailed game history.

We are confident that once the player checks the information provided by e-mail, this matter will be reconciled.

The Rich Casino Team.

Giulia Cliselli South Africa
posted on November 12, 2015.

Dear ask Gamblers

Thank you so much for bring my issue under the attention of Rich Casino.
As RC said, I just got a replay back from the Casino, which, by the way is not either satisfying nor accurate.

As stated in the replay I just wrote to RC, is essential to let you know that what they sent over IS NOT a full gambling history but a sequence of confusing numbers which I had to reorganized by my own in order to make them comprehensible. Therefore, in order to let you understand better what I mean, Rich Casino's mail has been attached FYI. Being that is my privacy find to disclose,I am OK to share this documentation with you and other gamblers, and see if anyone else, despite Rich Casino themselves, would describe as detailed the response that I just got by them...

But, let's analyses the e-mail they sent to me point by point.

- As you can see everything sorted in the email, is very confusing. I can only guess these numbers cover what was played during each game the entire day. Showing everything like this leaves tons of room for error and data corruption. Other sites allow the player to see each and every bet made. This is what I am asking for, not a summary of numbers that don't even add up.

- The gambling history they sent doesn't detailed the timing of gambles,which is pretty essential in a history report...

- A full gambling history cannot be define as such as far that the country of access is not specified in the history itself.

- There is no evidence at all of all my Live Dealer Blackjack gambling history; neither of my bets, nor the 2000 euro that I have transferred into my Live Blackjack account on the 3rd of November 2015.

- In the report that RC sent to me there are some cash discrepancy.
First cash discrepancy between Nov 1st and the 2nd:

November 1st - 843 sessions - bja Royale Blackjack - started with balance of 542.51 / finished with balance of 6,157.51. November 2nd - Royale Blackjack - 1019 sessions - started with balance of 6,107.51 / finished with balance of 6,070.01 ( 6,157.51 - 6107.51 = 50 Euro MISSING ).

Second cash discrepancy between November the 7h and the 8th: November 7th - bja Royale Blackjack - 299 sessions - started with balance of 3,044.01 / finished with balance of 2,480.01 November 8th - bja Royale Blackjack - 231 sessions - started with balance of 2,430.01 / finished with balance of 1,112.51 ( 2480,01 - 2430,01 = 50 EURO MISSING)

It is a large sum on money that went missing, and I cannot do anything with what I have been given. Therefore as requested on my email I ask RC to send me a detailed copy of the history, as I know there has to be one.

Thank you.

posted on November 13, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

We would like to apologize if the information provided was insufficient for fb_101­532­698­515­62898. We have therefore sent them by e-mail a new game log history with the following information: Date, Game ID, Wagered bonus, Game, Bet, Win, Balance.

All details required in order to verify that the balance was lost in a game of Blackjack have been provided in the document submitted to the player.

We hope that the information e-mailed is sufficient to prove that the balance was legitimately lost, and no alterations have been made to the player's balance.

The Rich Casino Team.

Giulia Cliselli South Africa
posted on November 14, 2015.

Hello, Ask-Gamblers,
We have indeed received the logs from Rich Casino. After going through the spreadsheet line by line, there are still more discrepancies than I can list here. Some of them include balance numbers not adding up from line to line, play times not coinciding with times I was playing or even awake, and the complete absence of many of the games I actually played (live blackjack). I have responded to the security team again via email noting the vast amount of problems with the logs in hopes of resolving this issue and retrieving my missing funds.
Thank you,

posted on November 16, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

We are happy that Giulia has received the detailed game logs she requested. If the player is comfortable sharing the document on this platform, we invite her to do so, although we would normally advise against posting confidential information in a public forum.

Giulia wrote us back and claims she was traveling during the 5th and 6th of November, or that some of the game logs show sessions played during the early morning and she never played during those hours.

We have demonstrated on our end what games were played and at what time, to an incredible amount of detail, which if the game log document will be posted, you will be able to verify.

It is the player's right to request a detailed game history and Rich Casino gladly provided it in order to reconcile this matter.

If we may be of further help to Giulia, we will gladly continue to provide hard evidence against the claims and accusations made towards Rich Casino.

The Rich Casino Team

Giulia Cliselli South Africa
posted on November 16, 2015.

While it is great that "detailed" logs are able to be produced, it by no means makes them accurate. If Rich Casino, or anyone for that matter, can explain how game logs show up while I was on a bus travelling through a wildlife reserve with no internet or cell reception, then I am all ears. I can submit my bus ticket and passport stamps to prove I was nowhere near anywhere with internet access if it is necessary. Is evidence still considered hard even when blatantly fabricated? As Rich Casino stated, you can look through the logs yourself and see the vast amount of discrepancies.

posted on November 18, 2015.

Dear AskGamblers,

As per the customer's request Rich Casino has provided a clear document showing how the balance was lost, as proof that no one has tampered with the player's balance.

On our end, we consider we have provided all the necessary information for both you and the player to reach a conclusion regarding this case. In return we got nothing but subjective information regarding the player's whereabouts which cannot be verified.

We would like to ask you to conclude this case, as on our end we have demonstrated that the full game history shows the balance was lost and definitely not manipulated by some entity as the customer implied.

The Rich Casino team.

posted on November 21, 2015.

Can you please provide evidence that we required via private note on 19th of November. Please be advised that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider this case as resolved and closed.