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Parklane Casino - Trying to steal legitimate winnings and withdrawal due to bogus 'terms violation'

posted on June 28, 2016.

I registered an account with park Lane casino last week.
It was referred to me from acount manager David from Osiris casinos.
He was very polite with me and has been very helpful with me even until now with this issue.He said to me it has better wagering requirements.
I am a very experienced player on online casinos and because I like using bonuses on my deposits I am very carefull with the terms for wagering the bonus I get.
So when I open an account with park Lane I deposit 55 euro and recieve 200% bonus.
The totall of 165 which I have to wager ×33 times.
I play only slots and make sure not to bet over 30% of my deposit as said on the terms of the casino.
I do suprisining well for a first deposit making sure very often from support to know how much I must wager.
In the end I have won around 2200 without including the bonus they gave me.
Sadly I could withdraw only 10 times my deposit which is 550 dollars!!!
I must say that the casino claims trhough David that I could withdraw all the amount if I would have deposited over 200 dollars.
I can't withdraw through my deposit method of master card so I make 1 more deposit of 20 through neteller in order to be able to withdraw the 550.
I make sure before I deposit the 20 euro to talk to support in order not to receive an other bonus.
When this is done and the casino automatically take our the first bonuses of my deposit I received of 110 dollars I proceed with the withdraw request of 550.
Now here is the mistake the casino makes.
I have talked with David the same day who is the account manager on the 23 of June late in the afternoon and he he confirms with me that I can withdraw only 550 euro.
I ask him what would I so with the rest he tells me play it for fun.
He tells me there are no restrictions on this and anyway there should not be as it's like fun money.
The support on this casino also could not tell me for clear how much I can withdraw adam who was very friendly told me I could withdraw all the money minus bonus as long as I met the wagering requirements.
I told him that David account manager told me I could withdraw only 550 and it would be up to the casino finance management if I could withdraw more but they would accept only the 550 as they are very strict with the terms.
So on the 23rd late evening right after I make the deposit of 20 euro I proceed with the request withdraw of 550.
After I do this I am left witharound 1700 euro including the 20 I deposited.
From the moment I have requested the withdrawal and from the moment I am told that the rest of the money I CAN'T WITHDRAW I play the money for fun on slots and live roullete and black jack.
The betting is high because very simply 8 have already requested the withdraw of the 550 euro I won so clearly I am violating no terms.
I receive an email from the casino on the 27 of June saying that my withdraw request is declined due to violation of the terms and conditions!!!!!!!!
They just put in the 75 euro of my 2 deposits and I have already requester a withdraw of my deposit funds.
They are still claiming that I am wrong.
I am not wrong I completed the wagering made bets on dlots only from 5 dolls and lower it's illegal to take away my winnings as I requested FIRST the withdraw and and ONLY after that I continued playing so where the he'll is the violation.
I am absolutely furious I have several accounts on online casinos and never ever had problems withdrawin money because I always respect the terms.
Do you know that I cashed out the computer points of 10 euro won 320 only to be told that I an withdraw only 10 times the cash points that means 100 euro.
I don't see anything on that on terms!!!!!!
Their excuse on that is only if the money of comps points and deposit is over 200 euro can you withdraw ALL WINNIN­GS!­+!+­!!!­!!!­!!!!.
This all is illegal and I demand justice!!!!!!
I deserve my winnings which have been stolen.
Kinly fix this issue and I request ask gamblers help out on this matter.
By the way unfortunately I see that the casino is blacklisted so this is probably why they are not paying out my winnings although the reason is the software gaming.
Kind regards.
Stavros Patrianakos

posted on June 30, 2016.

I have good news on my complaint.
David the account manager of Park Lane contacted me and told me the the rest of my winnings that where removed are back in my account so with the the rest of the money of deposit i have requested again the withdraw of 550 euro through Ne teller
So i now i am waiting for my withdraw request to be processed and approved and after that the funds
to reach my Ne teller account.
So i was right when i said that i broke no rules.
Kind regards

posted on July 3, 2016.

Dear Mr. Patrianakos

The casino management looked in to your complaint and found that you are justified.
Please accept our sincere apologies.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Parklane Casino

posted on July 3, 2016.

Today i received an email
from casino informing me that my withdraw has been approved,so i am waiting for the money to be in my Net teller account soon .if all goes well i will be more than happy to continue playing with this casino.
There where some technical issues regarding my documents but it seems all is fixed from both sides.
I accept the sen sire apologies of the casino and hope for good time playing there.
I will update soon once everything is smooth with the money in my net teller account.
kind regards.
Stavros Patrianakos

posted on July 4, 2016.

Just to update.
I received an email again today from Casino that the my withdraw has been transferred in to my neteller account.
And actually it's already in my winnings the same day!
So I would like to thank the casino for fixing their mistake.
Looking forward in playing with them very soon.
Kind regards.
Stavros Patrianakos

posted on July 4, 2016.

I would also like to ask the ask gamnlers site maybe to remove the black list for this casino because the games work fine and their mistake they fixed.
It's a new casino and I think it needs some time techickly to adjust

Kind regards.
Stavros Patrianakos