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ExclusiveBet Casino - Stalling withdrawal

hurricanez Norway
posted on May 30, 2016.

Hello Askgamblers. I need some help here. I made a deposit of 2500NOK and won 18.000NOK without any bonus.
I asked for an withdraw and they needed documens, I gave them all of them.
Then I asked how long my withdraw would take, they said 2 days after verify of documents.
Ok, I played at the casino 01/05/2016 and still havent seen any single dime at my account.
I have been on livechat several times and they are telling me that they had problems with Neteller. I talked to neteller about this, and there was no issue there.
After I told livechat that, they said that I needed to withdraw to my bank account even though I deposited with neteller. So I did not accept that and was told that my withdrawal was proseed may 19th and 26th may, And they did not hold up on their deal, so I got an new date, and then same problem like the first time.

Here is a log from my mail regarding this.


Thank you for your last email.

I would like to apologise as there has been a delay in the payments and this is why yours has not been processed.
I can confirm that your withdrawal request will be paid in 2 parts due to the delay. The first installment will be paid on the 19th of May and the second one on the 26th of May.

Should you require an further information, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Accounts department

And this is the same everytime I contact them.

So I really need some help here.

If someone needs some more documentation, then just ask, I have several chatlogs and e-mails with the casino.

To other ppl out there. DO NOT PLAY AT THIS CASINO!!! Just take a look at the other casino complaints on this casino. all of them is about the same problem.


hurricanez Norway
posted on June 2, 2016.

Here is a chatlog from this casino. Pure ************* from them.

I have never ever recived any money on my neteller account from them.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Vincent'. Please confirm your Email Address and Phone Number during this chat.
Vincent: Thank you for contacting us. How can I help you?
hurricanez: hello again
hurricanez: where is my winnings ? one month now. notthing. just breaking your end of your deals
hurricanez: Helloo ?
Vincent: PAY 500€ 24 MAY (PAID) - PAY 500€ 31 MAY (PAID) - PAY 500€ 07 JUNE - PAY 449.99€ 14 JUNE
hurricanez: ********
hurricanez: I have not got a single payout
hurricanez: what kind of support is this ?
hurricanez: just telling the very same thing at the livechat everytime im on it. And what your are saying is pure b*****
Vincent: did you get 500 euros on 31 may
hurricanez: you tell me ? can you see that on my account statement
hurricanez: you keep telling me those days, but notting is happening.
hurricanez: I have never got a single dime from your casino
hurricanez: TXID DATE ACCOUNT AMOUNT DESCRIPTION STATUS 2691558262 01/05/2016 00:38 From Cash Balance NOK 18,000.00 Neteller Pending
hurricanez: does it look like I have recived anything ?
hurricanez: http:/­/ww­w.a­skg­amb­ler­s.c­om/­cas­ino­-co­mpl­ain­ts/­wit­hdr­aw-­of-­money
Vincent: you never received anything ?
hurricanez: nope
hurricanez: And this is on askgamblers now
hurricanez: im tierd of casinoes like this
hurricanez: also everymatrix got this information
hurricanez: aswell very soon you gamblinglisence
Vincent: will let a note on your account
hurricanez: is that it ?
Vincent: saying you haven't received any money
hurricanez: lol
Vincent: what else do you want me to do
hurricanez: Vincent, is you for real ? you have full access on my account. you can se that I have NEVER got any withdraw from your casino
hurricanez: you can make sure that I got a contact in your site that actualy can do someting for me.
hurricanez: your affiliate manager or something
Vincent: what i can see it's you got pay 500€ 24 MAY and 500€ 31 MAY on your Neteller account
hurricanez: this is going to NEteller VIP manager.
hurricanez: Neteller complaints also
hurricanez: every transactions is logged there
Your chat transcript will be sent to kristi­ans­en7­[email protected]­mai­ at the end of your chat.
hurricanez: this is the very first time that a casino is lying to me
hurricanez: or a customer agent
hurricanez: Just tell me, when does I get my money ?
Vincent: i have left a note to the finance department
hurricanez: tell them to phone me!
Vincent: they will get back to you tomorrow
hurricanez: yeah, you said that last time to
hurricanez: notting happend
hurricanez: tell your finance department that I have made several complaints regarding your casino to.
Vincent: yes i told them
hurricanez: good. bye


Here is my proof on my withdraw. it is still pending afer 1 month.

2691558262 01/05/2016 00:38 From Cash Balance
NOK 18,000.00
Neteller Pending

What are you saing about this EXCLUSIVEBET CASINO ?


hurricanez Norway
posted on June 3, 2016.

Hello again.

update on this case.
I recive 500€ in week now. But Im not happy with this, but finaly they are paying out.


Glenn kristiansen

posted on June 7, 2016.

Dear @hurricanez,
Payment instalments are they regular now, can we close this complaint? Thank you in advance.

hurricanez Norway
posted on June 7, 2016.

@Askgamlers, You can close this complaint.
I got 500€ per week now. To other players out there, read T&C carefully on this site regarding withdraw. It will take long time before you will get your first payout. The support on this site is awfull if you are talking to livechat/mail. If you are depositing from Neteller then they will ask you to withdraw to your personal bank account.

Just be aware of this site.
Raiting on this site: 2/10 just BC of the gameselection.



posted on June 7, 2016.

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.