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Winawin Casino - Self exclusion ignored, casino let me deposit


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€ 900

Posted on March 23, 2023

There is no facility on this site to limit play,

Deposit limits or cooling off. I emailed four times making it quite clear I wanted control over my play and why. I ended up spending over €900.

Any withdrawals I made were canceled and delayed. I believe a deliberate attempt to keep me playing.The withdrawals were canceled and no reasons were given.

Posted on March 23, 2023


Thank you for reaching out! Please, allow us few moments to investigate your case fully and I will get back to you.

Appreciate your patience in advance!

Lola @ VIP Manager WinAWIN

Posted on March 24, 2023

Thank you for the response.
I submitted screenshots for the Four account closure requests and evidence of deposits after the requested account closure as you requested. I await your response. Kind Regards

Posted on March 25, 2023


Yes, as we discussed over email, we're investigating the queries mentioned by you. Thank you for your cooperation and patience, highly appreciated. I will give you an update over email and here at earliest convenience!


Posted on March 27, 2023

Lola,Unfortunately my account remains active since the 15th if March I have sent four restriction requests. Zero control for the player. This is why responsible Gambling tools are in place to give the player control .I really enjoy the Casino but want control over my playing. Nearly 2 weeks and no action. Very disappointing

Posted on March 27, 2023

Dear Andy,

It has been replied to your email. Thanks!
Sincerely, Lola

Posted on March 27, 2023

Thank you for the response

"The investigation is finished and I would like to inform you that we haven't received your emails. 

We have checked multiple times for technical issues, but couldn't find such. The email you used is correct, but we haven't received your emails for some reason. :( "
I do not accept this excuse . New players must verify the email which creates a secure bridge between the sender & receiver all my Emails were successfully delivered and opened.
I also stated that the Winawin Casino states that limits can be applied on the site which is not the case.
Why was a limit not applied when I opened this complaint.
I would ask for the deposits to be refunded from the time of the self exclusion request.
Lastly I would refer to Askgamblers.com to view and regulate the response.
I feel so strongly about casinos that do not follow the responsible gambling guidelines.

Posted on March 28, 2023

Please Ask Gamblers view the response.
I cannot make it clearer to request account closure activate the self exclusion.
The Casino claims not to be receiving the email but had no problem receiving deposits.
Please this blatantly clear they want to keep me playing against my request.
Refund me the money I spent since requesting account closure.

Posted on March 28, 2023

Dear @Winawin Casino,

Please be advised that upon review of the player's attachments, it is evident that the player has made multiple requests to the casino, beginning on March 15th, for a Self Exclusion. Regrettably, your response to the player indicating that you were unable to locate the emails confirms that no action has been taken on your part. Therefore, we respectfully request that you promptly address the player's request, including the reimbursement of any losses incurred since the initial Self Exclusion request.

Failure to do so will result in the closure of this complaint as Unresolved, and we may advise the player to seek further assistance from relevant regulatory bodies and/or an appointed ADR.

Posted on March 28, 2023

Dear BLOODBORNE99 and Ask gamblers,

We agree to refund the amount requested by the player of 900 EUR.

Dear BLOODBORNE99, please provide your bank account details to the email correspondence we have, so we can proceed with your refund and then account closure.

Thanks in advance!


Posted on March 29, 2023


I want to confirm that, the refund task has been raised and I will inform you later today once the funds are processed on our side.

The account is suspended, so we can terminate any options for deposit or gameplay.

Thanks! Have a great day ahead!


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