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Wicked Jackpots Casino - Will not pay my winnings

Inactive user
Posted on July 15, 2015.

I deposit on this casino and played with the bonus i get. When i was done with the wagering i withdraw 400 euro.

Next day i get a mail that my withdraw was declined and i will not get my 400 euro

The reason is that i have closed my account on 888 casino. 888 group i know earlier is not a serious group and have been blacklisted before therefore i wanted this account permanently closed.

But why dont i get this money? And why is it possilbe to register a new account and play when they will nt pay winnings.?

Hw can it be the players responsibility to know wich the casino wner is?

If i had lost the mney, they never had cntact me and payed my deposit back. Yes i know!!! My freind als depsit and he has close his account at 888 casin permantly and they never clsed gis account at wicked. Its just when yu are going t withdraw.

This is SCAM-casino- stay away

Posted on July 10, 2015.

Dear @Peder42,
Any updates considering your complaint?
Thank you.

Inactive user
Posted on July 10, 2015.

Of course not. This is one of the worsest Casino you can find. They acutally steal customers money and they will not sponse etiher. THey did not reply this case either. You can close this case like unresolved.

And never never, put a money in a casino with the owner 888 group. They do evertyhing they can to steal your money as many berfore me already know

Posted on July 12, 2015.

Hi Peder42

Thank you for your comments and please allow us to respond accordingly.

Yes our site falls under the umbrella of the 888 group and as such is governed by their Terms & Conditions.

As you have not provided your username here, we are unable to address your specific case at present. If you should like to email us you may do so at [email protected]­cke­dJa­ckp­ and we will be glad to answer you directly.

We are most certainly a legitimate site and have thousands of players who successfully enjoy playing with us and who receive their payouts in a timely fashion. We believe in acting fairly with our players, that the bond between player and site is extremely important and that we offer a secure environment in which to enjoy the gaming experience.

We will never withhold funds simply because a player has previously closed an account with us. However, in keeping with our Responsible Gaming Policy (http:­//w­ww.w­ic­ked­jac­kpo­ts.c­om­/re­spo­nsi­ble­-ga­ming/) if a player has opted to self-exclude from one of the sites on our network (or where a player has asked for, or had their account closed for gambling related problems or has acted fraudulently etc.) then they are not permitted to open another account on any affiliate site in that period. In such a case as per the T&C’s on our site, “we shall be entitled to terminate any new account you open with any other website, forfeit any funds therein, and we shall not be liable to refund to you any funds you may have wagered or won through such account.”

The full T&C’s can be found here:

We strongly recommend to anyone playing on any gaming site that they read the terms of the site so they are aware of the conditions. We would also recommend that players do not open new accounts where they had previously self-excluded etc. without having first resolved their previous situation.

We are a legitimate and responsible gaming site and we take care of our players as best we can at all times.

The Wicked Jackpots Team

Inactive user
Posted on July 12, 2015.

The strange thing in this case is that you aways close theires account when they do wtihdraaw. Why is it possible to open account in sam email-adress. ? My freind closed his account on 888 gruop permantly due gambling problems. But he has an account at wicked and have done around 10 deposits. But he account i still open and you will closed this first whn i he weill do a withdraw.

Its not serious.

I suppose you close all this accounts and pay back all there deposits, because they never had a chance to win, because you are stealing winningsn

Posted on July 12, 2015.

Hi Peder42,

We always close accounts which should not be opened as soon as we see them. As you may imagine, we have many players accounts to check and we often do close accounts (where applicable) well before a player contacts us but in some instances it is contact from a player that brings to our attention the fact the account should not have been opened in the first place. Banking issues are just one example of ways we can be alerted by a player.

We do ask that an excluded/blocked player refrains from opening accounts with any of our affiliated sites. It is the players responsibility to not open accounts as we can’t police this for you until after you have already registered.

You asked previously how it can be your responsibility to know who operates the site. In our case it’s very simple. It says so at the bottom of our home page that our gambling services are operated and managed by 888 UK Limited. Reputable sites such as ours, do generally state who they are operated by on the web page.

We hope this has helped answer your query.

The Wicked Jackpots Team

Inactive user
Posted on July 12, 2015.

You have still not closed my freinds account, he has done deposits of the amout of 1400 euro. But you only close when the customers want to withdraw. You are a scam casino that not will pay your customers. You are already on casinomeister warning list.

Why is possible to open an account with a email that is blocked??? Yes you want the money until that date you must pay out winnings. You are not serious and i think people see this. pAY OUT MY WINNINGS AND CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. i HAVE AREDY PLAYED AND I WON. you stoled this money. you are thiefs

Posted on July 13, 2015.

Hi again Peder42

We can’t possibly comment about another players account, though if your friend has any queries they are welcome to contact us at [email protected]­cke­dja­ckp­

It is a players responsibility to not open new accounts where they have previously self-excluded, we will close such accounts as soon as they are noticed.

According to our T&C’s not only is it your responsibility not to open an account with us, but in such circumstances we are not liable to refund any monies which you wager or win. In this case we may not have paid you winnings, however we DID return all your deposits which we were under no obligation to do. We are sure that you will agree that this was a generous gesture on our part and further evidence that we treat our players with the utmost respect.

The Wicked Jackpots Team

Inactive user
Posted on July 13, 2015.

You stole my winnings, 400 euros and you call yourself for genereous? Its a joke?

Why did you approved me to sign an account with taht mail if that was blacklisted?

And how should a player be respinsible for all casino owners?? its not easy to know al ownerintrest in all companies.

If you appreved a player you need to take respnisble for that and pay if the customers win- not stole the money and call yourself for generous.

My freind has been denied al deposits of 1400 euro, and he has an closed account with 888 gruop like me. But than you should sen back his deposits. But you dont. You only close when the player win and not loose. SCAM CASINO

Posted on July 15, 2015.

We consider this complaint resolved. By casino's T&C player's obligations is not to open new account at casinos which are owned by this group until self-exclusion is lifted.
"You shall not be permitted to open or use a new account with any other site operated by us during your selected self-exclusion period, until such self-exclusion has been lifted and the original account reopened. In the event you are in breach of the foregoing, we shall be entitled to block any new account you open with another site, forfeit any funds therein, and we shall not be liable to refund to you any funds you may have wagered or won through such account. "
Per casino's T&C regarding self-exclusion player account was closed and his deposit returned. We consider this complaint resolved and closed. We would like to remind player that further help could be requested from licence authority that issued casino's licence.
Also we like to recommend to the casino to find a better mechanism to forbid players to make account which are under self-exclusion under their group.

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