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Royal Ace Casino - Where's my money?

posted on November 22, 2015.

I made deposits at this casino using my rewards card. Long story short I put real money on my rewards card and used it on the casino website. I won 1217 on 10/22/15; 1049 on 10/24/15; and 1010 on 11/5/15
Total winnings 3276.00 this amount was approved on 11/13/15 According to the website, I chatted with customer service to see when I would get my check and they told me my payout was denied. Denied for using a reward card, that some bull, whats the difference in using my debit card and using the reward card. I think its all some lame excuse to keep from paying me. I played, I won and now they don;t want to pay. Based on the reviews a lot of people are having these problems, is this casino a scam or do you have to go through bull to get your money.

posted on November 26, 2015.

Hi typ1956,

I've been looking into this, however, I need to speak with our head of finance before giving a full response. I want to be entirely clear with this situation, so as not to potentially give any misinformation.

Please be patient, as this is a holiday weekend. I'll be replying as quickly as possible.


posted on November 26, 2015.

Okay, I also noticed I can not log into the website anymore, is this how it works, you play your money, win and they block you from the website.

posted on November 30, 2015.

Hi typ1956,

As I stated previously, I wanted to be 100% clear before replying in full to your complaint and now I can give you all the reasons in complete clarity why your withdrawal has been denied and also why your account has been closed.

When you made your withdrawal request, we were alerted to the fact that you were using multiple PRC cards. This practice would not be permitted to begin with, however, it caused us to look into how it would have occurred.

As we dug deeper, it was found that there were multiple accounts with our brands within your household. Each of these accounts use the same IP address, same mailing address and same last name—this is more than enough evidence to point to the multiple accounts within one household. This is strictly forbidden and certainly this would be enough to A) refuse your withdrawal request and B) cause us to close any and all casino accounts relating to your household (which is what we ultimately did).

Curiously, we already have had issues with you (or, perhaps someone in your home), which you had us dealing with publicly, here at AskGamblers. This was a recent issue, which was posted under the name kayah35 and that particular account had already been closed by the casino.

I believe this should explain why your accounts have been closed and your withdrawal denied.


posted on November 30, 2015.

Wow, Royal Ace is so full of it, before I ever started making REAL money deposits, I chatted with customer service about me and my wife playing on the same site, the rep replied there was not a problem with that, so now you TAWN have the nerve to say it is prohibited, BULL if so why allow me to set up an account and play, FACT me and my wife have accounts with Cool Cat Casino, Slots of Vegas Casino as well as Silver Oak Casino, my wife has won at all the casinos and received her payout but, now its a problem, no the problem is your processors and reps not giving the full story to YOU, FACT, I clearly made real money deposits, FACT your processors clearly took the money out my account, FACT I won the money fair and square, FACT you, your company and the processor know my withdrawal was approved and had to come up with an excuse not to pay out. FACT If your not giving me the money I won, then I want ALL the money I deposited into this so called casino. I will wait for your excuse.

posted on December 4, 2015.

Just to follow-up, I’ve sent all proof of these multiple accounts over to the management here at AskGamblers. I’m quite certain they will weigh in on this thread.


posted on December 4, 2015.

That will not justify the fact that I made real money deposits and the fact that all my withdrawals were approved, stop looking for a way out and do what's right, I played I won so pay me.

posted on December 8, 2015.

We are still in communication with a casino representative regarding this complaint.

posted on December 10, 2015.

I have not heard anything about my payout

posted on December 14, 2015.

I'm posting only to give a brief update on this.

After doing further investigating (based upon questions posed by AskGamblers management), we've found that typ1956 was not only abusing the PRC by using multiple cards, but also by using PRC cards not registered to himself.

I will be sending AskGamblers a final, detailed report proving our findings, which I would imagine will settle this issue once and for all.


posted on December 15, 2015.

Based on all the evidence as well as the additional information provided by Royal Ace Casino, we can confirm that Royal Ace Casino acted in total compliance with their Terms&Conditions. Player breached at least two of the casino's terms and conditions by abusing Player Reward Cards program, using multiple free chips in a row and creating multiple casino accounts. The violated terms are as follows:

Term #2. Each promotional offer is available only once per person, family, household address, email address, credit card number, and environments where computers are shared (university, fraternity, school, public library, workplace, etc).

Term #10. Bonuses may be refused at the discretion of the management if abuse of promotions is suspected. All withdrawals will be audited and refused where there is suspected fraud or at the casino management's discretion. Fraudulent bonus claims or withdrawals will result in the player being charged a processing fee (min. 12% of deposit amount), which will be deducted from their casino balance.

Based on all the above we consider this complaints as Resolved and case is being officially closed now.

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