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Vortex Casino -Did not pay after 1 month waiting


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Posted on September 16, 2014

I have registered to Vortex casino about a month ago . After depositing 100$ and a lot of playing i managed to meet the wagering requirements . I ordered a cashout for the amount of 588$ . After some time i was asked for documents(ID POA) + Faxbackform. The docs were send. After one week (i do not remember exactly) i have got an official email that the documents were accepted and the cash out will be processed shortly , i am sending also attached screen shot of this emai. The email was received on 19.8.2014. Then the long waiting began. I tried to contact the only chat about this but no one has answered. Send an email asking about the status of the cash out , got an answer it is still in process. And today i have got the email that my cash out was reversed back to may account (screenshot attached ) and i should contact the support for more info. i went to the chat after some time i was connected to a customer agent . He told me that the withdrawal was declined due to multiply accounts with Rival based casinos. After some chat with the agent it came out that i had multiply account in some casino named Cash o Lot. I opened this one tried to log in with my username and pass that i am using for all Online casinos . I beg for your help in this matter. Best Regards Georgi

Posted on September 17, 2014

Hi pupo84,

As mentioned in your issue description, your withdrawal was declined because it appears that you have multiple accounts in other Rival casino(s).
Our terms and conditions clearly state that any winnings will be declined in such case.

Section 2.5:
"the casino reserves the right to confiscate any balance or pending cashin for the following reasons:
j- If you have exercised fraudulent behaviour including but not limited to multiple account, chargebacks at other Rival casino/s."

However, note that your account is still open so that you can withdraw your initial deposit.


Posted on September 17, 2014

First at all i deny and dispute having and opening multiply accounts with other Rival casinos .
2. I deny to discuss accounts and personal info , that i have provided to companies different from you .
3 . I want to know how you did acquire the personal information about my others "multiply " accounts ?
4. I want my winnings to be credited back .