VIP Lounge Refuses to Pay Withdrawl

posted on February 14, 2011.

I have been trying to get my payout since I won on 12/31. Its a meager $247.00 but they keep putting me off. Its now 2/9/2011 and I am still being blown off. Contacted live chat a few days ago and they said it would be in my account by today and, of course, its not there.

I have a casino blog and I have written about my experience a few times and emailed it to them hoping they would see Im serious and want my payout. No response.

Here are the links to my story:

Part 1: http:/­/ca­sin­ogi­rl.m­on­tan­­m/c­omp­one­nt/­k2/­ite­m/2­8-v­ip-­lou­nge­-ig­nor­es-­cus­tom­er/­ref­use­s-p­ayout

Part 2: http:/­/ca­sin­ogi­rl.m­on­tan­­m/c­omp­one­nt/­k2/­ite­m/4­0-v­ip-­lou­nge­-ig­nor­es-­cus­tom­er/­ref­use­s-p­ayo­ut-ii

Part 3: http:/­/ca­sin­ogi­rl.m­on­tan­­m/c­omp­one­nt/­k2/­ite­m/5­3-v­ip-­lou­nge­-ig­nor­es-­cus­tom­er/­ref­use­s-p­ayo­ut-iii

I am at my wits end. This is ridiculous and no one will listen...

posted on February 16, 2011.

Payout was paid to UseMyWallet two days after complaint was filed.