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Vip Lounge Casino - Withdrawal

posted on July 23, 2014.

I first tried to withdraw my winnings 02/20/2010 for two weeks they kept telling me that they had not gotton my verification forms, then one day they had recieved them so I proceeded to withdraw my winnings on 03/09/2010 as of today I have not gotton my winnings and each time I have contacted them it's been the same ol'e excuse your request will be completed by next week and next week get's here and still not winnings, there reasons are they are backed up, becasue they use third party processing some us bank accounts have been frozen, I use my account daily and haven't had any problems with it.

I am not sure if it's a ploy to get me to reverse my withdrawal so they don't have to pay, I just know that it's almost 90 days and I haven't gotton my payment yet I read other complaints against this casino but I still choose to play that's my bad I know but I played by all the rules as far as wagering I made a real money deposit from my bank account and I feel that I should rightfully recieve my winnings, I am furious and frustrated with this casino.

I contacted then today 05/05/2010 and once again I have been told that my request will be completed at the end of next week and I can almost guarantee that when the end of next week get's here I won't have recieved my winnings I keep a record of all my chat sessions at this casino and everyone of them have guaranteed me that my withdrawal will be done the next week.

What an experience.

posted on May 18, 2010.

The problem is resolved, late payouts are still an issue. The majority have been paid but there are still a few that will come up please get them to me ASAP so that I can escalate the payout. For now please have this player contact me by email but the payout is approved and should be paid out in 48 hours.


Marty < surname removed >

Sr. Marketing Manager

Gambling Wages

posted on May 18, 2010.

I am replying to this email in regards to contacting Marty what am I suppose to do next?

posted on May 19, 2010.

Payout was sent out via moneygram today, the pick up info will be available this week.


posted on May 22, 2010.

I am responding to this email and 2 emails sent from persons representing, I spoke with a lady today by phone from the casino calling to inform me that my payout was approved and sent to processing and that I should receive another email containing the information from moneygram she was talking like extra fast as so that I would miss some of the information she was feeding me what I understood was that my withdrawal was approved for $350.00 instead of the orginal $500.00, when I asked why she said that they gave me a bonus of $150.00 and it was not cashable now I'm not an idiot I play casino's online all the time 3 times I got a call from the infamous Christopher with the 300 percent bonus (No wagering, No playthrough, or cashout requirements.

Now the bonus ran for approxiamately 2-3 days the bonus codes was 300SPEC (I wish I would saved the voicemail). So I don't deny that they gave me the bonus and I excepted it under the inpression that there were no strings attached other wise I never would have excepted it. I rarely except bonuses because I don't like the playthrough wagering and cashout requirements.

My complaint is that not only has it taken since March 9, 2010 to get my payout and (by the way it's May 22, 2010 and I still don't have my money in my hand). Now that they claim that my payment has been approved finally they're taking $150.00 out and issuing me $350.00 because they said that it was non cashable which is a bunch of bull-hockey because that's not what I was told at the time that I made my deposit I just feel like they will do anything to keep from paying you your winnings that you ar due. I would like my full $500.00 that I initially cashed out. I've waited all this time to get my winnings talked with them numerous times regarding my withdrawal and noone mentioned not one time that I would only be getting $350.00.

I just don't understand how this casino has numerous commplaints and negative comments can still be operating.

All I want is my money from these people.

posted on May 25, 2010.

Issue is handled, player is paid. We are still improving the payout process and getting closer to becoming much more streamline. In the mean time please let me know if there are any other unresolved player issues on your forum so that I can look into handling them for you.

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