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Vernons Casino wont pay me out my winnings!!!

posted on April 19, 2012.

 Hi all,

I recently signed up to Vernon's casino and was granted with the free £20 bet to use on casino games. I therefore used it on roulette, I continued to play and continued to win, I tried withdrawing money but it didnt work. I therefore spoke to online support and they told me I had not met the waging requirements. So, i continued to gamble until I met the waging requirements, It took a while but, as I learnt it was part of the terms and conditions they had put up. So, I finally complete the waging requirements, and after depositing my own money on top, I now have money in my REAL MONEY ACCOUNT and no longer in my BONUS ACCOUNT which was previously where the wager requirements were located. I continued to gamble and steadily increased my real account money upwards and onwards and just to double and triple check that this was in fact real money and not the bonus money that was in my account I contacted the onlin support team. I queried them, as to the real money account and they congratulated me and said 'yes' it was real money and not bonus money and it could be withdrawn. I eventually had won around £1600, and attempted to withdraw £1500, by this time I had spoke to 2 more online support people and they had reassured me that it was ok to withdraw and my money. I left £100 in my account and waited for the £1500 to be sent to my bank account. I recieved an email the next day saying the transfer was pending and later that day recieved a phonecall from Blake from Vernons once again congratulating me and I was reconfirming to her that everything was in order and I that the money would definately be transferred within 24 hours. I felt overwhelmed at this point, but in the morning this would all change, as I would recieve this email:

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for playing Vernons.

This mail is to notify you about the status of your pending withdrawal request,

code *********, for the total amount of £1,500.00.

Please note that you did not comply with one or more of our terms and conditions, therefore your winnings will be voided.

As mentioned in the welcome bonus terms of use, bets placed on excluded games will not be counted toward wagering requirements, and the Casino reserves the right to withhold any amount in excess of the player's original deposit from a player's withdrawal if the bonus is wagered on the above games.

For more details please visit http:/­/ww­w.v­ern­­m/b­onu­s.h­tml­#we­lcome.

We have processed the amount of £110.00 to the method you have chosen upon submitting your withdraw.

You are welcome to continue playing at Vernons. If you wish to play excluded games in the future, however, please let us know and we will block your account from receiving bonuses.

We apologize for any misunderstanding and thank you for respecting the mutual interests of fair gaming at Vernons.

This was disguisting to say the least!!!!

I had been reassured by 3 seperate people from the Vernon's team that I had won the money fair and square, but like all casino's they hate to pay out. I have read all of the terms and conditions, but I had made this money after the wager requirements had been met, therefore this term was voided for them. For my roulette profit/loss account profile it also said something along the lines of £1588 profit, it was all in the clear for them to see. I deposited an additional, £10 whilst I was playing in that roulette session, so how conclusive is it to say that the money wasnt also won off that stake? There are so many reasons for me, and Vernon's cannot explain themselves whatsoever. I checked my account after the corresponding email and the £100 I had decided not to withdraw had also vanished, once again rinsing me. They take your money asap, but when you want to withdraw it is so much hassle, its unbelievable. Im still on the case to get my money back, and I am annoyed with the service recieved. I just hope, everything can be finalised and agreed upon, so the Vernon's brand is not tarnished completely.

I am still awaiting their responses, and they have escalated the issue via their facebook page, so fingers crossed it all works out! Essentially, the money won is peanuts to them, but if the bonus was not existent for roulette, why let you play it in the first place? And why have money displayed in the REAL MONEY ACCOUNT when it isnt real money?

Thanks for reading


posted on May 27, 2013.

 Vernons Casino would like to take care of unresolved complaints, with an apology for not doing it before! Is this problem still active?