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Vernons Casino will not pay out!

posted on April 10, 2012.

Where do I start....well my husband received a flyer through the post about a free £20 bonus from Vernons casino. For a giggle he registered the account and had a play, but lost. He suggested I do the same so for a laugh I had a play with the free bonus(even though I prefer bingo). Obviously I registered, in my name, and with a joint email address my husband and I both use. Well shock horror I started to win. When I started to approach £500 I asked the online help if I could withdraw it. She stated I had to play through £800. When I passed £800 , the rules changed, because I was playing roulette I had to play through 5 times that amount...quite a task. Well guess what I did, with some to spare, to cut to the point I was £370 to the good. So I tried to withdraw it. I was sitting next to my husband and stupidly I used his debit card. Delighted with my work I went to sleep. Next morning I had an email saying that because the card was not registered to me I would need to send ID. I explained it was my husbands, and it was a joint bank account, and so just registered my card. Time went by, and they still demanded more ID, photocopies of the card and passport scans etc, this I duly did. Nothing happened, I started emailing them, and they said be patient etc, etc. They then demanded my husband fill in a declaration saying it was ok for me to use his card(even though I didnt want to, I had my own). Again I complied, and eventually I received a rude and aggressive email saying that the withdrawal had been cancelled, it accused me of ID fraud and intimated that I may not even be real. Apart from being bewildered, and angry, it also left me in tears and deeply upset. They had my passport, they could have phoned me, as I gave a phone number, the original debit card I used to withdraw the money was my husbands but we have the same joint account, sadly I started to blame myself for something I must have done wrong. But it seems I am not alone. I have asked them not to contact me unless it is to apologize for such an awful email and to return the money I won fair and square.

The silly thing is, its quite a good site, its quick to load, the online staff seem friendly, and its well layed out. Alas its no good if your worried you wont see your money. £370 is peanuts to a firm like Vernons, all they have done is create bad publicity.

I of course will not give up easily the least I can do is warn others so I am writing to online consumer groups. The least I can do is warn others.

I would love to say in a few weeks it has all been a terrible mistake, Vernons has paid me my money, and I recommend others to check out the site, but I wont hold my breath, so my opinion is it would be wise to avoid the site.

posted on April 12, 2012.


amygirl123 has submitted this to the AGCC and so we are responding on this through that channel.


Vernons Casino

posted on April 13, 2012.

No news yet! But at least they have acknowledged.

posted on April 19, 2012.

Well, the AGCC have replied, and they agree it was handled badly, Vernons have apoligized through the AGCC, (but not directly to me) about how they handled it, and have issued advice to their staff, but apparently the small print in the T's and C's still stand.

So I have asked the AGCC if I can forward their fantastic letter to a few terrestrial TV stations(consumer programs), along with all my emails, and experience of the whole saga, as I still feel pretty hard done by.

So if I hear anything back I'll log back in again, but if you hear about this on TV, well, that will be me.

Thanks for reading


posted on May 27, 2013.

 Vernons Casino would like to take care of unresolved complaints, with an apology for not doing it before! Is this problem still active?

posted on May 28, 2013.

No not resolved. Very bitter to be honest.