Vernons Casino - Kicked out cant login, money trapped

posted on October 27, 2013.

Last night I decided to have a flutter and choose Vernon's account. I created an account deposited £10.. and lost it, deposited another £40 lost it and finally £50 and ended up winning £222.

All of sudden I was kicked of for security reasons and asked to login, Ive tried to login and it just says my login and password are wrong but I know they arnt.

Now im not sure how to get it to get my winnings back. I took a break from gambling a few years back and self excluded, but don't think I excluded from these.

I have emailed them but nothing back... any help is appreciated.

posted on October 28, 2013.

Dear biker1981,

We have checked our records following your query and there is no account with the username biker1981. We have found an account with the email you submitted with this complaint however our records show there has not been a single deposit made on this account, which was opened in Oct 2012. The last login on this account was also Oct 2012. We will send a screenshot to your hotmail email address showing the relevent details to confirm but maybe you have confused another account with an old one you made at Vernons last year. As a result of this finding we are closing this case.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support