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Vegas2Web Casino - Giving me a hard time

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Vegas2Web Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 5000
norma777 United States Message
Posted on December 6, 2014

I made an initial withdrawal in May for $5000.......for whatever reason the casino was not able to process that transfer (although they had processed many withdrawals for me already) so they put the money back into my account on 7/18......I immediately made another withdrawal for the $5000. They have a condition of making any withdrawal reversible for 24 hours which I chose not to do. Several days later I noticed that the withdrawal was still standing as reversible so I contacted them and they started to process the withdrawal. It has been in a processing status since 7/18 and everytime I have contacted them they said they would have someone look into it. Last week they actually told me I would have my funds by 8/8. I still do not have my funds and am very frustrated.

I really like playing at this site, but their ability to process withdrawals just keeps getting worse. I should not have to wait this long for a withdrawal to be processed. I work for Wells Fargo Bank and know a transfer should not take this long. PLEASE help me get this resolved. Thanks so much!

norma777 United States Message
Posted on August 25, 2012

so now what happens when the remaing 11 hours runs out?

Posted on September 6, 2012


We received an email from this casino stating that they've already have the player's contact details and have been communicating with her through email and telephone.

norma777, can you confirm this and update us with any news?

norma777 United States Message
Posted on September 8, 2012

they do have my contact information and have been communicating the

SAME answer every time I email them..........."We are waiting to hear

back from the processors about your withdrawal" is the answer for the

last 2 months......that is my frustr­ati­ is it that

they have been able to process all my other withdrawals (which have

been many) and all of a sudden they are having difficulty??!! I have

asked repeatedly what the difficulty is and what other information I

can get for them and then they repeat the above answer. I have even

offered to contact the processor myself........A­RGHHHH! I really love

playing at their site, but it should not take this long to get a

withdrawal processed!!!

Posted on September 16, 2012

 Any news here?

norma777 United States Message
Posted on September 16, 2012

I have received $2500 or the $5000 owed............I am hoping for the rest next week

Whew! Thank goodness!

Thanks to AskGambler's for their help with this

norma777 United States Message
Posted on September 23, 2012

I received my entire $5000 withdrawal....took too long but they came through

Posted on September 27, 2012

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

Thank you all for your cooperation.

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