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Casino Sieger - Bonus not given, outdated mobile casino software

posted on January 23, 2015.

Hello. I was fooling around this site reading earlier posts and seeing some of my good ole screen shots from the good ole gaming days and somehow I saw a 100% match bonus of this place that I never heard of.

Since I had not gambled in a while, I said...WTF.... Put in 100 and just bet pennies to have some fun.

It was cleAr, 100% match bonus and free spins. It was also clear MOBILE!!!!

To make long story short, obtaining the bonus was impossible through iPhone. I figured maybe i messed up and CANADIANS were excluded. So I played. Enjoyed the 100 for a while.

Came back here and read CANADIANS do get the bonus.

Went to chat on desktop(not on mobile) and she said make another deposit to get bonus!

Friendly but unacceptable. I deposited and should have instantly got my bonus. They refuse to give it.

Casino Seiger has no idea how much I have wagered online. If they knew they would have not just given me 100%, but 200%

Their lack of updated software for the iPhone is no excuse not to give bonus. Ignorance of law does not allow you to break it.

Their iPhone software is not proper and there was nowhere for me to claim the bonus advertised. And promised via ask gamblers.

Now I want 100% and another 100% and 20 free spins and another 20 for all the bloody time I wasted when I could have been relaxing.

Please help ask gamblers as you got me into this.

I have used u as an affiliate over 100 times. I don't think I ever had a problem until this 357th place casino totally disrespected me.



posted on January 2, 2015.

Dear @Johnnygotthebone,
Any update considering this complaint? Thank you.

posted on January 2, 2015.

I have sent them many emails telling them to respond on this forum. I made it clear that not responding is not in their best interest.

They don't answer me

They gave me nothing

They couldn't care less about me as a player.

Thank God I didn't win. I would have probably never seen my money!

These people will not last. There is no place online for dishonest casinos like this who totally ignore players problems.

I am going to log in and permanently close the account and then encourage others to beware of this place.

By far, the worst casino I have ever played on. In every way.

A response to this request even if they don't give anything, would have shown that it is a serious casino. It's not.

I suggest rethinking their ranking on here.

I have no words. Dunno what to say. All this for a measly 100 bonus. Just sad!

posted on January 3, 2015.

They will not respond!

Waste of time!

I logged in 3 days ago to see if they did the right thing but saw nothing. Except for a scratch card where I won 50 free spins. I waited 72 hours to get them after practically begging for them. They actually paid almost 0 on twin spin. Unbelievable.

Hopefully ask gamblers will blacklist these people.

My problem now is that ask gamblers refereed me here. Ask gamblers should be responsible for me getting my bonus.

After using your service over 100 times, I assure you that u have made a fortune with me.

If u can't work this out with this soon to be black listed casino, get me something for free on another casino equivalent to 100 euros. Somewhere where I am not excluded.

This is not only the soon to be blacklisted casino's issue, it's yours! U sent me here.

Please make this right

Thank you

posted on January 6, 2015.

It's obvious they don't care.

I am asking you tondo the right thing regarding these liars....

Get me 100 euros somewhere for free or I will never use your affiliate program again.

I would have never played here if u had not sent me. As a respectable affiliate, I trust u will guarantee your advertisement.

Thank you

posted on January 6, 2015.

We contacted casino regarding your issue and we are waiting for their response. Thank you for your patient.

posted on January 6, 2015.

You are waiting for a plane to stop with no brakes!

THEY DONT CARE! They should be black listed!!!!

I want what you promised on your site. As an affiliate, u should guarantee what is offered. You are still offering the bonus. I want it.

Talk to another casimo u are friends with and get me 100 euros free. U owe me that ASK GAMBLERS.


posted on January 13, 2015.

These people are truly amazing.....

I sent email insisting they respond to this complaint.

This is what they responded?????

Your menu is ready!

Today, January 13th 2015 is Take Away Tuesday, where we serve you with top bonuses “A la Carte”!

Are you hungry for free bonus money? Let us cater to you! How about a 30% bonus? Take it now! Or does a tasty 50% bonus sound better? at Casino Sieger, the choice is all yours! Receive bonuses on an amazing maximum of up to five separate deposits!

You have several options available. Choose a bonus from our Take Away Menu and we will deliver the order immediately!

Don't forget the beauty of the Take Away Tuesday bonus: The menu changes every week, so you make sure you log in to find which bonuses are available to you!

ASKGAMBLERS.... U sent me here. U are responsible for sending a loyal "user of ask gamblers to open new accounts" honest players to get the bonus u r promoting.

posted on January 16, 2015.


we are sorry to hear about this complaint which we have tried to sort out with player Johnnygotthebone.
As the player deposited he did not activate his 100% welcome bonus so it wasn't automatically
credited to his account. The reason for this is the fact the player did not "activate"the bonus upon deposit. Our Tech department, checked our mobile platform as well, after his complaint, as we take all notifications from players very serious, but on the url http:/­/ww­w.m­obi­le.c­as­ino­sie­­m/c­ash­ier­/de­posit, it was at that time, and it is now, possible to activate a bonus, so there was no issue with activation of this bonus.

Nevertheless, After playing he contacted our support team to claim the bonus.
Unfortunately it was not possible to add the bonus manually to his account as it is a deposit bonus
and not a cashback bonus. At the time he contacted our support his balance was already down.

Our support staff explained friendly that the bonus can not be credited afterwards, but the same bonus, will be available again on his next deposit. So, even if he wouldn't have been able for any reason to
activate the bonus he could have contacted support again before starting to play to add the bonus.
Of course we would have addded the bonus manually immediately in that case.

So to summarize:
- there was not really an issue, as anyone who will visit our website, either mobile or desktop, will be able - with a new account to use and activate our 100% deposit bonus;
- we would have been more than happy to add it manually before the player started playing;
- we offered a solution to the player many times, which has been active ever since: by making a welcome bonus newly available in his account, so he could take it on his next deposit.

In our opinion: the tone of voice, the way of approach and the aggresive behaviour from this player is completely out of a reasonable scope. As this player seems to be more interested in trying to create damage to our brand, than discussing a complaint in where we already provided solutions, we will close his account at the casino; if he did not take our welcome offer witin 30 days from now as we do not tolerate the aggressive approach and tone of voice towards our support team and or in our casino.


posted on January 16, 2015.

Talk about a damage control response three weeks after the fact??


I don't want anything from you anymore.

Give the bonus to charity.

Close my account.

You peoe have treated me like garbage from day one.

All u wanted was another deposit. I received 10 emails since this complaint with offers.

Your mobile platform with ios8.1.2 does not work well.

Simple as that.

U have really disappointed me as an honest player.

I have you every chance to make this right. I was so nice in the beginning but u people treated me like garbage

Ask gamblers. This case will be closed as unresolved.

Beware future players. I learned the hard way.

Ty ask gamblers.

posted on January 16, 2015.

Last thing I'll say...

Go on your iPhone and try changing that "RED NO" to yes.

Go! It doesn't move!

And..... This was not there prior to deposit.

posted on January 17, 2015.

I am willing to be reasonable.

I apologize for my aggressive tone. I can't help it when I feel cheated.

I ask you in all kindness.

Give me the 100 bonus that was not possible for me to acquire through your outdated iPhone platform.


Once that is done, maybe I'll lose or win but u won't have issues with me again and i will also revise all the negative feedback left as a misunderstanding and move forward.

Are u willing to be reasonable?


posted on January 19, 2015.


as mentioned in our previous post and as our support team also explained, the player should have contacted our customer support before starting to play and we would have been happy to add the bonus manually to his account.

We have checked his player account quite a few times: there is nothing wrong with the account settings and also our mobile platform is working perfectly. After filling in the amount to deposit the bonus can be activated.
As explained, we are not able to credit the welcome bonus which was not activated afterwards as it is a deposit and not a cashback bonus.

We will keep up the offer to claim the welcome bonus for 30 days which is very reasonable.
After this period we will close the account.

Sincerely Susanne

posted on January 19, 2015.

You can go ahead and close the account now you people are a disgrace to online gaming

This complaint will go unresolved since the casino is not willing to be reasonable with an honest player

posted on January 23, 2015.

This complaint is unresolved. We didn't get any proof that player didn't choose an option to use this particular bonus.

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