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robbed666 United Kingdom
posted on July 9, 2015.

hi there, i have signed with Ball2win and deposited £100 , after realizing that they slots don't work i ask for a refund .
After that they customer service contacted me and ask me for for unrealistic and super dodgy account verification.
I have sent all i could and they agree to refund me the money. Since then money was not refunded and they dont reply to my numerous emails. How can they con people like that? the site should be closed is pure scam under the sun.How can that be legal?? noone protects players form this sort of people????it's incredible!!!i want to see this site close , i have read lot of people got tricked. pls help me, is about principle now!

posted on July 14, 2015.


We send you email with screen shoot of fund wiring, and we informed you before for UK user the time frame may longer than usual. We are not going to answer your each email if you send 10 emails a day, and to all company corresponding email address.

by the way [email protected] is also get a copy of the email, and you will expected Wed after noon or Thursday afternoon to receive the fund.

If you have any other problem about payment, please contact [email protected]


robbed666 United Kingdom
posted on July 14, 2015.

Hi there, the reason why i sent so many emails is because i asked for a simple reference for the refund you said u sent.

If you sent me the refund u should have a reference number and since i never received MY money off course i want to have a reply and not ignored by your team.
Today i received a screenshot of what it seems a transfer but still not very clear and not reference number of my refund and off course not money received yet .
All i want is my money back since it doesn't belong to you and after reading all the bad reviews about your site i feel so stupid to have opened an account with ball2win,

Please just refund my money .

robbed666 United Kingdom
posted on July 14, 2015.

Ball2win is not proving the reference number of the refund they claim they have done two weeks ago.
If this was true i don't understand why they are not providing the easiest way to prove it.
i have asked so many times for that and they totally ignore me.
Not cool .

posted on July 18, 2015.

Dear @robbed666,
Did you receive your winnings, can we close your complaint?

posted on July 21, 2015.

we sent him wire for long, but UK player usually takes longer than before.

please mark it as closed. and askgambler support should have a copy of oir wire sending screen shoot.

thank you

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