Casino X - Failed to stick to an agreement, refusing to pay what's rightfully mine

Andy Luky Costa Rica
posted on January 22, 2016.

Hello my name is Fernando Viquez, my online alias is LukyAndy. I am an ex-casino dealer, and I have a very strong following on the twitch platform. A couple of times a week, I teach my followers the right way to gamble online. Due to the fact that I have a strong following, I was approached by a casino promoter, who gave me a proposal to use a specific online casino called CasinoX. The proposal consisted of the casino giving me 1000 euros to play blackjack on twitch in front of my following, and to promote the casino in the process. Moreover, I was told that anything I gained while I played on top of the 1000 euros, I could withdraw immediately. After the session was over my winnings totaled 200 euros. I essentially ended the day with 1200 euros in my CasinoX account. When I tried to withdraw the 200 euros, my account was frozen. I contacted support, amd they told me that they would unfreeze the account with 24 hours. It has been 5 weeks and my account is still frozen. CasinoX is a fraudulent establishment, and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone, in fact I will encourage people to not use their casino, as they will be in danger of losing their earnings.

posted on January 27, 2016.

Good afternoon Fernando,

I'm an affiliate manager at Casino-X. I want to clarify this situation. We made a deal not with you, but with your business partner. He is our affiliate and we work with him for some time. You didn’t mention that we have never contacted you directly. He offered us to give you bonus money to play live casino and make a stream on Twitch. We discussed details and it was clearly stated that bonus in NOT withdrawable. I sent proofs of that to AskGamblers team. Then we credited your technical account and you made a video. Your account was locked according to our agreement with your partner. I want to point out one more time, that we have never talked to you directly and made a deal with your partner. He insists that you were aware that bonus is not withdrawable. In your turn you didn’t provide any evidence that you were not aware about that. Please, contact him for further information.